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Nintendo Switch `` Just Dance 2020 ''

2020/04/12   -Anime Others

It has been decided that the subscription service "Just Dance Unlimited" of Nintendo Switch software "Just Dance 2020" (Ubisoft) will be free for a limited period of one month. "Just Dance 2020" is a ...

"Utopia Gate"

2020/04/12   -Anime Others

From March 31, 2020, the official service of the new smartphone MMORPG "Utopia Gate-Twin Goddess and Tsubasa for the Future" has started. This time, as the number of pre-registrations has exceeded 150 ...

"Pita! Deformed Devil's Blade Acrylic Keychain vol.3"!

2020/04/12   -Anime Others

In the hobby mail order "AmiAmi", the pre-sale of the resale of "Pita! Deformed Onitsuka no Blade Acrylic Keychain vol.3 10-box" sold by Takara Tomy Arts has started accepting reservations from April ...

"Devil Blade" is a collaboration with Shigekicks!

2020/04/12   -Anime Others

UHA Taste Gakuto will launch “Onishi Shigekix All-in-One Energy Drink Taste” in collaboration with the TV anime “Oniki no Blade” at supermarkets, drug stores and convenience stores nationwide from Apr ...

Kamen Rider Kuuga of Heisei and Kamen Rider Zero One of Reiwa!

2020/04/12   -Anime Others

The reservation for "Ultimate Minas Kamen Rider" has started at "Gasha de Pa". Pre-orders for " Ultimate Luminous Kamen Rider" (6,200 yen including tax / postage and handling extra) have begun at Gash ...

"Sicily von Claude" appears in 1/7 scale figures!

2020/04/12   -Anime Others

On the hobby EC site "F: NEX" operated by Flew, a new product of the high-quality hobby brand "F: NEX (Phenex)" will be released as a new product of "The Sorcerer's Grandson Sicily von Claude 1/7 scal ...

"Soul SPEC Raisner"

2020/04/12   -Anime Others

"Tama SPEC x HI-METAL R New Raisner" reservation has started at "Tama Web Store". At "Tama Web Store", reservation of " Tama SPEC x HI-METAL R New Raisner" (14,300 yen including tax / postage and hand ...

"Lustful Ao-chan can't study"

2020/04/12   -Anime Others

"Nasty Blue-chan Can't Study" is a popular title that was animated in the spring of 2019 under the title "Slutty Blue-chan Can't Study". Keisuke Inoue supervised the animation, Michiko Yokote the seri ...

"Star ☆ Twinkle Precure" Complete Book released in May

2020/04/12   -Anime Others

" Star Twinkle Precure Official Complete Book " will be released on May 21. The latest official complete book of the "PreCure" series published by the Animedia editorial department. The anime “Star Tw ...

The picture drawn by Dr. Soichiro Yamamoto is collected and distributed free on Kindle

2020/04/12   -Anime Others

Mr. Takaichiro Yamamoto of `` Mr. Takagi who is good at teasing '' and `` In the chest of Kunoichi camellia '' `` Still approaching '' gathered illustrations drawn with a theme box and distributed fre ...

Kindle comics

2020/04/12   -Anime Others

We picked up the main works from the Amazon and Kindle version comics that started distribution . "Uncle adventurer Cain's good deeds" "War x love" "Story like a boy in the village before the last dun ...

Sword Art Online, 86, etc.

2020/04/12   -Anime Others

Dengeki Bunko, a new light novel published in May 2020, is accepting reservations. The latest editions of " Sword Art Online " and " 86-Eight Six " will be published. ・Amazon.co.jp “Sword Art Online 2 ...

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