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"Flying Skyhigh"

2020/03/30   -Anime Music

The MV of Luminous Witches' 1st single "Flying Skyhigh", a unit composed of nine voice actors of the main characters of the "Federation Air Force Aeronautics Magic Music Band Luminous Witches" schedul ...

Momo Asakura's 2nd album “Agapanthus” Lyric video

2020/03/29   -Anime Music

Voice actor Momo Asakura 's second album " Agapanthus " will be released on April 8. Lyric videos of the songs "Twinkle Love", "Secret Afraid" and "Delusion Marchen Girl" have been released. In additi ...

fripSide "only my railgun" 2020 version short MV

2020/03/29   -Anime Music

fripSide's BD " fripSide infinite video clips 2009-2020 " will be released on April 1. MV collection commemorating the 10th anniversary of the second stage fripSide with Aino Nanjo as vocal. In additi ...

"Bundle!" Morfonica's 1st "Daylight-Daylight-" MV

2020/03/29   -Anime Music

"BanG Dream!" 'S new band, Morfonica's 1st single " Daylight " will be released on May 27th. A music video has been released. Limited edition BD includes music videos for "Daylight", real band MVs, an ...

"New Sakura Taisen the Animation" The 2nd PV using OP & ED theme song

2020/03/20   -Anime Music

The 2nd PV of TV animation "New Sakura Taisen the Animation", which will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and BS11 from April 3, has been released. You can enjoy the new video that matches the theme song "Mai ...

"Kaguya-sama wants to tell?" Haruka Fukuhara ED song book PV

2020/03/20   -Anime Music

From April 11th, the PV of the TV anime "Kaguya-sama wants to tell you?-Genius and others' love brain battle-" broadcasted on MBS, TOKTYO MX, etc. has been released. You can listen to the ending theme ...

"Dorohedro" (K) NoW_NAME New ED song "SECONDs FLY"

2020/03/16   -Anime Music

A new ED theme “SECONDs FLY” by (K) NoW_NAME was played from the 10 episodes of the TV anime “Drohedro. A non-credit ending video has been released. The story finally enters the climax. The ending the ...

i ☆ Ris's 4th album “Shall we ☆ Carnival” all songs crossfade

2020/03/08   -Anime Music

i ☆ Ris's 4th album “ Shall we ☆ Carnival ” will be released on March 4. All songs crossfade video has been released. This is the first album in about two and a half years. A total of 11 songs includi ...

Luxurious orchestra concerts such as "Conan", "SAO" and "Summer Wars"

2020/02/25   -Anime Music

This week's event topics prepare for events to be held this spring. An orchestra concert of luxurious works is enriched, `` Detective Conan Special Concert 2020 '' that follows the trajectory of the s ...

`` Macros does not stop '', the first public live broadcast program report for the 3rd anniversary!!

2020/02/24   -Anime Music

The first public live broadcast event commemorating the 3rd anniversary of the live broadcast program "Macross is not stopped" was held at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills on Friday, February 14, 2020. A c ...

Eye Mas Million Live! THE @ TER WAVE 6th `` Hanasaki Yo ''

2020/02/24   -Anime Music

" THE IDOLM @ STER MILLION THE @ TER WAVE 06 Hanasakiya " will be released on February 26. The preview video has been released. Emily Stewart (CV: Yu Ikuhara), Shiraishi Tsumugi (CV: Saki Minami), Tom ...

The first orchestra concert to be held for the TV anime “Devil Blade” will be held in Tokyo in May 5 starting in 7 cities nationwide!

2020/02/16   -Anime Music

From "Devil's Blade", the orchestra concert for the first time in this work has been decided. "Devil's Blade" is a TV anime based on a manga of the same name, serialized by Shuyosha, a weekly Shonen J ...

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