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Waki ​​Azumi's 2nd single “Hurry Love” MV released

2020/04/07   -Anime Music

Voice actor Azumi Waki's 2nd single " Hurry Love / Koi to Koto ni " will be released on May 13th. A music video for "Hurry Love" has been released. "Hurry Love" was featured in the anime "President, B ...

"Violet Evergarden the Movie" has been postponed. Just before completion

2020/04/07   -Anime Music

"Theatrical version Violet Evergarden" was scheduled to be released from April 24, but the release has been announced. The movie was nearing completion, but was affected by the spread of the new coron ...

Masayuki Suzuki is in charge of the OP theme song for TV anime, "Want to tell Kaguya-sama?

2020/04/06   -Anime Music

Masayuki Suzuki has decided to be in charge of the OP theme song for the second season of TV anime scheduled to be broadcast from April 11, 2020, "I want to tell Kaguya-sama? In addition, the synopsis ...

“White Cat Project ZERO CHRONICLE” OP song

2020/04/04   -Anime Music

It has been revealed that Takanori Nishikawa and ASCA will release their first tag song, "Tenkei-Libra-" (read: Libra) on May 27, 2020 (Wednesday). This song was written as the opening theme for the s ...

Run Girls, Run! MV of the first album "Run Girls, World!"

2020/04/04   -Anime Music

Voice actor unit "Run Girls, Run!" 'S first album " Run Girls, World! " Will be released on May 20. The music video of the title song "Langering Singa Song" has been released. Six new songs, including ...

"Shiny Colors"

2020/04/04   -Anime Music

"GR @ DATE WING" CD series of "Idol Master Shiny Colors (Shanimas)" will be released sequentially from April 8. Songs from Shiny Colors, Illumination Stars, Antica, After School Climax Girls, Alstroem ...

fripSide / Aino Nanjo vocal 10th anniversary MV collection released

2020/04/02   -Anime Music

fripSide BD " fripSide infinite video clips 2009-2020 " has been released. MV collection commemorating the 10th anniversary of the second stage fripSide with Aino Nanjo as vocal. In addition to "only ...

The ED song of the spring anime "Kaminoto" is decided

2020/04/01   -Anime Music

The ending theme song of "Jinno Tower -Tower of God-", which will be broadcast from 24:30 on Wednesday, April 1, 2020, will be sung by the Korean boy group "Stray Kids" "SLUMP -Japanese" ver.- ". "Tow ...

Monthly Voice Actor Bulletin

2020/04/01   -Anime Music

Looking back at this year's voice actor music scene, this March will be treated as a particularly important month. As you can imagine, the number of voice actor artists released in recent weeks has be ...


2020/03/31   -Anime Music

Before the release of "Shin Evangelion Movie Version : || " scheduled to be released on June 27, 2020, details such as purchase benefits etc. will be available for the vocal song selection CD "EVANGEL ...

"OP after school diary" MV of OP theme sung by Umino High School tebo club

2020/03/30   -Anime Music

The opening theme of the TV anime "After School Terubou Diary", which will be broadcast on AT-X, TOKYO MX, etc. from April 7, will be the opening theme of Nagisa Tsurugi (CV: Kanon Takao) and Natsumi ...

Release of non-credit movie using "Drohedro" final episode ED "404"

2020/03/30   -Anime Music

A non-credit movie using the last episode ending theme "404" of the TV anime "Drohedro", which reached the final episode on the broadcast on March 29, has been released. In addition to the familiar me ...

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