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"LISTENERS" 2 episodes ED "Muse" non-credit & ED theme song 5 videos

2020/04/12   -Anime Music

The non-credit ending video of the ending "Muse" of the second episode of the TV anime "LISTENERS Listeners" and the video of watching the ending theme song 5 songs have been released. ■ The TV animat ...

Digest of the 7th anniversary of i ☆ Ris's 7th anniversary live BD “Sanafuku Manrai”

2020/04/11   -Anime Music

i ☆ Ris' live BD / DVD “ i ☆ Ris 7th Anniversary Live-Shichifuku Manrai- ” will be released on April 17. The digest video has been released. Recorded the live performance of the 7th anniversary of the ...

"Delemus" Cinderella Master 13

2020/04/11   -Anime Music

The 13th installment of the CD "Cinderella Master" series " THE IDOLM @ STER CINDERELLA MASTER 055-057 " of "Idol Master Cinderella Girls" will be released on May 15. A character song CD series that w ...

Yukari Tamura's new album “Candy tuft” released on May 27

2020/04/11   -Anime Music

Voice actor Yukari Tamura 's new album " Candy tuft " will be released on May 27. 10 songs will be recorded. ・Amazon.co.jp “[Amazon.co.jp limited] Candy tuft (with mega jacket)” ・New album “Candy tuft ...

“LISTENERS” premiere of an OP video to listen to ACCAMER theme song

2020/04/11   -Anime Music

The opening video from the second episode of the TV anime "LISTENERS Listeners" broadcast on "Animationism" from April 10 was released in advance. You can listen to the opening theme song "Into the bl ...

"Azur Lane" Character Song for 15 songs

2020/04/09   -Anime Music

Azul Lane's character song series, featuring 15 solo and buddy titles, has been released, and a preview of the entire series has been released. ■ What is the TV anime "Azur Lane"? A popular smartphone ...

Release of Shiny Colors, the first version of Shanimas GR @ DATE WING

2020/04/09   -Anime Music

The first CD series "GR @ DATE WING" of "Idol Master Shiny Colors (Shanimas)" has been released. Songs from Shiny Colors, Illumination Stars, Antica, After School Climax Girls, Alstroemeria, Strayligh ...

Rie Kugimiya's first mini album “Sesame Sora”

2020/04/09   -Anime Music

Voice actor Rie Kugimiya 's mini album " Sesame Sora O " has been released. A mini album for the first time in 7 years and 10 months from the previous work "kokohadoko". Contains all 6 songs. ・Amazon. ...

Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-4th LIVE

2020/04/08   -Anime Music

Digest video of “Ikebukuro Division“ Buster Bros !!! ”released on Blu-ray and DVD“ Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-4th LIVE @ Osaka “Welcome to our Hood” ”released on March 25, 2020 Was done. This w ...

nano.RIPE latest single "last chapter" audition video

2020/04/07   -Anime Music

nano.RIPE's latest single " Last Chapter " will be released on November 6. The preview video has been released. "Shokugeki no Soma Gono Dish" OP song. The bundled BD contains nano.RIPE TOUR 2018 “Kise ...

"Creamy Mami" Takako Ota complete CD-BOX released on April 29

2020/04/07   -Anime Music

Takako Ota's CD-BOX " TAKAKO OHTA TOKUMA JAPAN YEARS 1983-1988 CD & DVD COMPLETE BOX " will be released on April 29. Anime "Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel" Yuko Morisawa / Takeko Ota, who played the ...

Persona Dancing "P3D & P5D" luxury soundtrack CD released in June

2020/04/07   -Anime Music

CD " Persona Dancing 'P3D' & 'P5D' Soundtrack " will be released on June 24. This is a soundtrack CD consisting of two CDs of the "Persona" series sound action games "Persona 5 Dancing Star Night ...

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