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"Search for Witch Apprentice"

2020/03/11   -Anime Movie

The book visual for the movie "Find a Witch Apprentice", which will be released on May 15 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of "Ojamajo Doremi", has been lifted. Shohei Miura plays the role of Ryuic ...

"Jose, Tiger and Fish" character illustrations released

2020/03/04   -Anime Movie

A cut in the play of "Jose, Tigers and Fishes", which will be turned into a theater animation in the summer of 2020 by Bonds production, has been released. . . . The character illustrations of the her ...

"Pornpo who loves movies" will be released in 2020

2020/02/28   -Anime Movie

The release date of "Pornpo who loves movies", which has been announced for the production of theater animation at the animation production CLAP, has been decided in 2020. The first key visual was rel ...

"Words spring up like ciders"

2020/02/25   -Anime Movie

It has been announced that Hiroshi Kamiya and Maaya Sakamoto will participate in the theatrical animation "words will spring up like ciders" to be released on May 15 . The main visual drawn by charact ...

Live-action movie "Rurouni Kenshin Final Chapter The Final / The Beginning", additional cast lifted!

2020/02/13   -Anime Movie

The live-action films "Rurouni Kenshin Final Chapter The Final" and "Rurouni Kenshin Final Chapter The Beginning" will be released on July 3 (Fri) and August 7 (Fri) 2020, respectively. In addition, i ...

Katsuhiro Otomo's “AKIRA” is the opening work of TAAF2020! First screening of 4K remaster is decided!

2020/02/09   -Anime Movie

The 4K remastered version of “AKIRA” directed by Katsuhiro Otomo has been selected as the opening work of the Tokyo Animation Award Festival 2020 (TAAF2020), an international animation film festival t ...

"Ojamajo Doremi" long-awaited new work "Looking for a witch apprentice" special ban

2020/02/07   -Anime Movie

The special information for the movie "Find a Witch Apprentice", which will be released on May 15 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of "Ojamajo Doremi", has been lifted. Sora, a college student aspi ...

The key visual of Part 2 of "G Reconguista", "Berri Attack". Stage greeting

2020/02/04   -Anime Movie

The key visuals of "The Reconguista in G", the second part of the movie "Berri Shout," to be screened from February 21 have been lifted. Derrensen, who sorties out to rescue the berries, storms the pi ...

Theatrical version “Made in Abyss: The Dawn of a Deep Soul”, open theater expansion from February 28!

2020/02/03   -Anime Movie

The movie version "Made in Abyss: The Dawn of the Deep Soul", which is being screened from January 17, 2020, received a huge hit, and the screening theater expanded and the 4DX and MX4D screenings beg ...

“Sayonara Tirano”

2020/01/31   -Anime Movie

Tatsuya Miyanishi's blockbuster picture book series “Over the Same Time” with over 2 million copies will be released in the early summer of 2020. It was decided. "Good-bye, Tyranno" is a Tyrannosaurus ...

"I want to cry, I wear a cat"

2020/01/28   -Anime Movie

The penguin highway's second animated feature film by Studio Coloride, "I Want to Cry, Wearing a Cat," will be released on June 5. Directed by Junichi Sato and Tomotaka Shibayama, written by Mari Okad ...

New hero "Ultraman Reiga" bombing from "The Movie Ultraman Taiga"

2020/01/26   -Anime Movie

The latest PV has been released from "Theater version Ultraman Taiga New Gene Climax" scheduled to be released on March 6, 2020 (Friday). In the PV, the hero Hiroyuki Kudo and the new hero "Ultraman R ...

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