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Theatrical version "Devil's Blade"

2020/04/11   -Anime Movie

The release date of the movie version "Devil's Blade" infinite train, which had been announced for a long time, was decided on Friday, October 16, 2020, and the movie version key visual and the first ...

Postponed “Search for Witch Apprentice” release date decided in fall 2020

2020/04/10   -Anime Movie

The release date for the 20th anniversary movie "Looking for a Witch Apprentice", which was scheduled to be released on May 15 and has been postponed, has been decided in the fall of 2020. The site ha ...

“Somehow manageable days” postponed due to spread of new coronavirus infection

2020/04/10   -Anime Movie

The postponement of the anniversary of theatrical animation, "Somehow I Believe", which was scheduled to be released on May 8, has been announced. "Announcements and requests from government agencies ...

Movie version "Fate / stay night [HF]" Chapter 3 release rescheduled. Go out of control

2020/04/09   -Anime Movie

The movie version of "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]", whose release was postponed from March 28 to April 25 due to calls for self-restraint due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and c ...

"Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet" postponed. Impact of the new coronavirus

2020/04/04   -Anime Movie

The release of the movie "Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet", which was scheduled to be released on April 17th at Toho throughout Japan, has been announced. Following the spread of the new coronavirus in ...

Theatrical anime "Etranze by the sea" will be released on September 11.

2020/04/01   -Anime Movie

The release date of theatrical animation "Seaside Etranze", which was considered summer 2020, was decided on September 11, and the teaser visual and main cast were lifted. The novelist's egg Hayao Has ...

“I want to cry, I wear a cat”

2020/04/01   -Anime Movie

An additional cast was announced for Studio Coloride's feature-length animated movie, "I Want to Cry, Wearing a Cat," to be released on June 5. Minako Sumiko plays the role of Yuko Fukase, a friend sn ...

Theatrical anime "Seaside Etranze"

2020/03/31   -Anime Movie

The release date of theatrical animation "Seaside Etranze" has been decided on September 11, 2020. Also, Taishi Murata and Yoshijo Matsuoka have been selected as main casts. "Seaside Etranze" is a the ...

Theatrical version 3DCG animation "Lupin III THE FIRST" BD release announcement video

2020/03/29   -Anime Movie

The BD / DVD for theatrical animation " Lupin III THE FIRST " will be released on June 3. The release announcement movie has been released. 3DCG animation released in December 2019. A post card set is ...

"I want to cry, I wear a cat"

2020/03/28   -Anime Movie

Transform into a cat of the feature animation movie "I want to cry I wear a cat" by Studio Coloride to be released on June 5 and super close to a favorite person! A scene photograph full of refreshing ...

`` Words spring up like ciders ''

2020/03/16   -Anime Movie

Seven summers, local cities. The boy Cherry, who is always wearing headphones, is having trouble communicating and not being able to talk to him. He put his feelings that he couldn't show on his hobby ...

“Movie Mysterious Candy Store Zentendo”

2020/03/16   -Anime Movie

The cast and staff of “Movie Fushigi Dashiya Sentendo Tsuritai Yaki”, the first animated version of the popular children's book “Fushigi Dashiya Sentendo”, have been announced. The original series, wh ...

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