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Yonago Gainax's slightly mysterious hero short animation "Gainatamagar" is now available!

2019/12/28   -Anime Latest News

A short animation "Gainatamamagar" produced by Yonago Gainax, which started with crowdfunding, produced a pilot version, and finally started producing the main part! The first episode started distribu ...

Asuna, pinch to enemy's tactics ... Published the latest episode 12 scene cut of "SAO"

2019/12/28   -Anime Latest News

The latest chapter of the popular TV anime series "Sword Art Online" series "Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld" Episode 12 "Straight Light" scene cut has been released. [Image] Alice is r ...

[Prof. Hikawa's "History in Animation"] The 23rd Secret of the Space-Time Fault "Cut Head"

2019/12/28   -Anime Latest News

The core fighter "Go Reconguista I of Theatrical Version Gundam G!" Directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, released in the 19th edition , has been released. In addition to the limited screening from November 2 ...

Fishing animation "After School Teibo Diary" cast released

2019/12/28   -Anime Latest News

  On April 28, the main cast and PV of the TV anime "Hokago Tebo Diary" to be broadcast from April next year was released. Kanade Takao will play the role of Nagisa Tsurugi, Natsumi Kawaida will ...

Anime "Flame Fire Squadron" Sequel "Ninosho" Next Broadcast Decision

2019/12/28   -Anime Latest News

KAENNO SHOUBOUTAI It has been decided that the second phase of the TV anime "Fire Flames" will be produced, and that it will be broadcast in the summer of 2020. In addition, the teaser visual of “Nino ...

Anime "Nintama" Original Manga Ends in 33 Years History

2019/12/28   -Anime Latest News

The gag manga "Rakutaro Ninja Rantaro" (author: Amago Sobei), based on the popular anime "Nintama Rantaro", has finished its series in the Asahi Elementary School Newspaper on today's 28th, ending its ...

"Shaving a beard. Picking up a high school girl."

2019/12/28   -Anime Latest News

HIGEWO SORU. SOSHITE JOSHIKOUSEIWO HIROU. It has been revealed that a novel "Shaving a beard and picking up a high school girl" (KADOKAWA), an animated project, that describes a dull office worker and ...

TV anime "Shadowverse" will start broadcasting from April 2020!

2019/12/28   -Anime Latest News

From the official smartphone card battle `` Shadowverse (Shadowverse) '' which has been decided to be animated into TV animation, in addition to the first PV, introduction, story, character, cast info ...

12/29 (Sun) 25 o'clock "New animation" Overflow "

2019/12/27   -Anime Latest News

From 25 o'clock on Sunday, December 29, 2019, it has been decided that TOKYO MX will be broadcasting "New anime" Obber Fropo "special program-first appearance video, older brother?" ComicFesta's new J ...

Idol animation "22/7"will be exclusively broadcast on AbemaTV on December 28!

2019/12/27   -Anime Latest News

The 3rd special program "22/7 Future Forecast" of the TV anime "22/7" (Nanabunnonijuni), which will start broadcasting on January 11, 2020, will be released on Saturday, December 28, 2019 Exclusive li ...

Live Viewing of "Slayers" 30th Anniversary Event!

2019/12/27   -Anime Latest News

Thanks to the sold-out tickets for the 30th anniversary event of "Slayers" scheduled to be held on March 29, 2020, the live viewing has been decided. The light novel series "Slayers" was published in ...

News "9" selection that looks back on the 2D idol content world of 2019!

2019/12/27   -Anime Latest News

2019 is coming to an end. This year, the two-dimensional idol content such as the "Idol Master" and "Love Live!" At the end of the Heisei era, we will introduce the news of idols who represent the beg ...

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