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Two stories about "Hidden Work"

2020/04/08   -Anime Latest News

The synopsis and scenes of the second episode of TV anime "Kakoshigoto", broadcast from April 9, "Bisan and B4" and "I don't want or not," have been released. . . . . . The princess goes to the elemen ...

"My youth romantic comedy is wrong. Kanji"

2020/04/08   -Anime Latest News

The TV animation that was scheduled to be broadcast on TBS and other sites from April 9th ​​was "My youth romantic comedy is wrong. Kanji", but the postponement of the broadcast was announced. "I was ...

"Witch's Journey" Volume 12 Special Edition Drama CD Preview PV Released

2020/04/08   -Anime Latest News

Ruler Shiraishi's novel "Witch's Journey", Volume 12 , will be released on April 14. Limited edition is prepared for the 12th volume, and the third drama CD is included. The screenplay is written by R ...

"Slime Defeat 300 Years" Volume 14 Special Edition, 5th Drama CD

2020/04/08   -Anime Latest News

Season 12 Morita's novel "300 years after slime defeat, it became level MAX without knowing" Volume 12 will be released on April 14. A specially equipped version is prepared for Volume 12, and the fou ...

Anime "Infinite Resident -IMMORTAL-" BD-BOX Top and Bottom Volume Starts Reservation

2020/04/08   -Anime Latest News

The BD-BOX of the anime " Infinity Resident -IMMORTAL- " will be released on June 24 and October 7 on both sides. The main part includes the distribution version of the original master. As special ben ...

"Alte" Maaya Sakamoto's "Clover" non-telop OP video release

2020/04/08   -Anime Latest News

The non-telop opening video of the TV anime "Arte", which started broadcasting on April 4 at TOKYO MX and others, was released. You can listen to Maaya Sakamoto 's "Clover", and the excitement that be ...

“Devil's Memmem-chan”

2020/04/08   -Anime Latest News

Memmem-chan (CV: Karin Takahashi), who made her VTuber debut, has released the latest 86 episodes of the hero's manga "Devil's Memmem-chan" via Jump +. Memmemm is going to participate in the children' ...

“Nana Incompetent” TV animation

2020/04/08   -Anime Latest News

Original: Mr. Ruth Booi / Drawing: Anne Furuya has decided to make a TV animation of "Incompetent Nana" serialized in the monthly "Shonen Gangan". A school located on a deserted island. There, young t ...

"President, battle time!" 2

2020/04/08   -Anime Latest News

The synopsis, scenes, and a preview of the episode 2 "Heritage Inheritance" of the TV animation "President, Battle Time!" Broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from April 12 have been released. . . . Immed ...

Anime, manga free delivery summary!

2020/04/07   -Anime Latest News

Perhaps many people are leaving too much time, such as sudden school closures, due to the recent problem of COVID-19 (a new type of coronavirus infection) worldwide. For those who are in trouble becau ...

"President, it's time for a battle!" BD-BOX released in August

2020/04/07   -Anime Latest News

The BD-BOX of the anime " President, Battle Time! " Will be released on August 26. Includes episodes 1-12. The first production bonus includes a visual booklet, a collection of setting materials, a co ...

“Jinno Tower” 2

2020/04/07   -Anime Latest News

Additional characters and their casts for the TV anime "Tower of God-" have been announced. Kenjiro Tsuda plays Lero Lo , and Daisuke Ono plays Poncecal Laure . ▼ Lero Lo (CV: Kenjiro Tsuda ) One of t ...

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