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Fairy gone (Japanese anime)

2019/12/25   -Anime Featured Now

A new original animation directed by Kenichi Suzuki of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" and "Working Cell". The series composition and screenplay is "Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash" and "Maria of Roses" (Origin ...

Boogie pop does not laugh (Japanese anime)

2019/12/25   -Anime Featured Now

"Boogie Pop Doesn't Laugh" is a legendary light novel by Kohei Ueno, whose first work was published in Dengeki Bunko in 1998. This work, which has been silent since the anime version of the episodic s ...

Revisions revisions (Japanese anime)

2019/12/25   -Anime Featured Now

Based on the concept of "expanding anime culture abroad," the second installment of Fuji Television "+ Ultra", a new anime frame that launches high-quality, world-standard anime works worldwide, inclu ...

Sage's grandson (Japanese anime)

2019/12/25   -Anime Featured Now

"The Sorcerer's Grandson" (author: Tsuyoshi Yoshioka, illustration: Kikuchi Politics) was published on Famitsu Bunko after being published on the novel submission site "Let's Become a Novelist". The s ...

Dr. STONE (Japanese anime)

2019/12/25   -Anime Featured Now

The topical work that won the second prize in the comic section of the “Next Manga Award 2018” (Original: Riichiro Inagaki, Draw: Boichi) is animated under the supervision of all screenwriters. Charac ...

Domestic girlfriend (Japanese anime)

2019/12/25   -Anime Featured Now

"Domestic Girlfriend" is a popular manga by Keikei, serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine (Kodansha). A love story depicting a triangular relationship that begins with the living of a teacher, Tachiban ...

PSYCHO-PASS 3 (Japanese anime)

2019/12/25   -Anime Featured Now

Set in a highly developed near-future future, the latest PSYCHO-PASS series, an animation depicting detectives pursuing potential criminals in a surveillance society. Consistent with the previous seri ...

Why is the teacher here !? (Japanese anime)

2019/12/25   -Anime Featured Now

Animated manga of the same name by Recruitment Row, which has surpassed 850,000 copies of Comics. A love comedy depicting the high school life of a female teacher and a male student. In a situation ca ...

A blessing to this wonderful world! Red Legend (Japanese anime)

2019/12/25   -Anime Featured Now

Start time:Summer 2019Screening start date:August 30, 2019 Production company:JCSTAFFGenre:Fantasy / Comedy Voice actor: Jun Fukushima , Amamiya Ten , Riyo Takahashi , Ai Chino , Yui Horie , Aio Toyos ...

The world's strongest in common occupations (Japanese anime)

2019/12/25   -Anime Featured Now

Original light novel by Ryo Shirame, serialized on WEB novel posting site "Become a novelist". It is a popular work that has been booked and comicized in "Overlap Bunko" (Overlap), and all related boo ...

7SEEDS (Japanese anime)

2019/12/25   -Anime Featured Now

Survival science fiction set in the near-future world where humankind is at risk. The original comic completed in 2017 has been published in 35 volumes (+ 1 Gaiden), and has become a popular work with ...

Kemliksa (Japanese anime)

2019/12/25   -Anime Featured Now

New animation by animation production company Yao Yorozu, who worked on the popular 3DCG animation "Kemono Friends" and "Tesagure! Reboot as a TV series based on "Kemrikusa" (2010-2012), which was ann ...

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