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Don't dare to work at the video institute!(EIZOKEN NIWA TEWO DASUNA) (Japanese anime)

2019/12/27   -Anime Featured Now

EIZOKEN NIWA TEWO DASUNA! "Don't give your hand to SIG!" Is an animation work based on a manga by Sumitomo Odo, serialized in Shogakukan Monthly! Spirits. Directed by Masaaki Yuasa, who is known for h ...

XL boss.(XL JOSHI.) (Japanese anime)

2019/12/27   -Anime Featured Now

XL JOSHI The hero of "XL Boss." (Original title: Boss's Dick is XL size!? ~ Thick tip ... it's in ...!) Is the heroine who has taken on "the monitor of a certain thing of XL size" from lack of money. ...

Animated manga Darwins games (Japanese anime)

2019/12/27   -Anime Featured Now

Darwins games "Darwin's Game" is an animated manga of the same name by FLIPFLOPs. The story begins when an inviting email to Darwin's Game, an unknown app, arrives at a mediocre high school student na ...

TV anime pet (Japanese anime)

2019/12/27   -Anime Featured Now

pet The TV anime "pet" is a cartoon "Pet Remastered" by Ranjo Miyake, depicting the severe fate of boys called "pet" who have the ability to sneak into the human brain and manipulate memory. TV anime ...

I don't want to hurt, so I'd like to swing to defense.(Itainowa kirainanode bougyoryokuni gokuburi shitaito omoimasu) (Japanese anime)

2019/12/27   -Anime Featured Now

Itai no wa kirai nanode bougyo ryoku ni goku buri shitai to omoi masu Yumitsukan's light novel "I don't want to hurt, so I'd like to swing it to the defensive power" is a popular novel that has a tota ...

Anime ARP Backstage Pass

2019/12/27   -Anime Featured Now

ARP was launched in 2016 by Akari Uchida, who is known for producing popular games such as Tokimeki Memorial and Love Plus. The AR artist in front of the stage performed in real time and became a hot ...

Heya Camp (Japanese anime)

2019/12/27   -Anime Featured Now

Heya Camp TV anime "Yurucamp", which was broadcast from January to March 2018 and has been well received. From January 2020, the short animation "Heya Camp", the latest in the series, will be broadcas ...

Assassin's Pride (Japanese anime)

2019/12/27   -Anime Featured Now

Assassin's Pride Animated light novel (illustration: Ninomoto Nino) by Kei Amagi, published in January 2016 at Fantasia Bunko (KADOAKWA). The number of copies of the original is 500,000. A fantasy wor ...

Airborne Dragons (KUTEI DORAGONZ) (Japanese anime)

2019/12/27   -Anime Featured Now

KUTEI DORAGONZ An animated version of “Airborne Dragons” serialized by Koichi Kuwahara on Kodansha “good! Afternoon,” which will be broadcast on “+ Ultra” from January 2020. Naohiro Yoshida, "Tady", t ...

Fictional reasoning (KYOKOH SUIRI) (Japanese anime)

2019/12/27   -Anime Featured Now

KYO KOH SUIRI "Fictional Reasoning" written by Kyo Shirohira of "Spiral" and "Zenen no Tempest" is a light novel released in 2011 by Kodansha Novell as a novel "Fictional Reasoning Steel Man Nanase" ( ...

I proved that science fell in love.(Rikeiga Koini Ochitanode Shoumei ShiteMita) (Japanese anime)

2019/12/27   -Anime Featured Now

Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei Shite Mita A popular manga that has been serialized on "COMIC Meteo" (Flex Comics) since May 2016 and has exceeded 850,000 copies by Arifred Yamamoto. "What if a s ...

After all my youth romantic comedy is wrong. Complete (Yahari Ore no Seishun LoveCome wa Machigatteiru) (Japanese anime)

2019/12/27   -Anime Featured Now

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru 開始時期:2020年春放送日:2020年~ 制作会社:feel.ジャンル:ラブコメ 声優: 江口拓也、早見沙織、東山奈央、佐倉綾音 スタッフ: 監督:及川啓、シリーズ構成:大知慶一郎、キャラクタ…すべて表示

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