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Japan anime "Comic Market 97" Fate, Demon Blade, Touken Ranbu, etc.


"Comic Market 97" will be held from December 28 to 31, 2019. We will deliver handsome & beautiful cosplayers found at the venue!

"Comic Market 96" will be held at Tokyo Big Sight for 4 days from December 28 to 31, 2019. This time, we report on the cosplayers we met on December 29, the second day.

The most popular on the first day was the “Devil Blade”, which is currently breaking even in the cosplay scene, but the second day was the most popular “Fate” series.

Fate / Grandorder's Ku-Fulin (Caster) and Ku-Fulin (Alter), Edmund Dantes, Emiya (Assassin), etc ... Is it a costume that shines handsome? Arjunacos's Tony came from the United States for Comiket!

In addition, cosplayers dressed in popular character costumes, such as FGO's male hero & Gilgamesh, Arthur Pendragon, Fate / Staynight's Archer, and female layer like FGO's Mash Kyrielight and Altria (Alter) Was in line.

Of course, there are also many layers of "Devil Blade" costumes! In the winter comic, Izuke Inousuke Kozuka really falls his head. Furthermore, popular cosplayers such as "Touken Ranbu" Kunihiro Horikawa & Morizane Izumi and "KINGDOM HEARTSⅢ" were exciting the venue.

Medery. Has a special feature on Comiket. We send a lot of local reports.


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