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Character letters on sale with New Year's letters from popular characters such as "Pokemon" and "PreCure" are on sale


"Akeome" letter arrives from popular characters!

Pre-orders for all six types of "Character Letters" that receive letters from popular characters during the New Year are being accepted until January 7, 2020 (scheduled application will be accepted).

This product, entitled "Character Letter x High Characters Happy New Year!", Is a gift for children and fans of each character from popular characters to New Year celebration messages, New Year limited photo cards, stickers, etc. (Present differs for each product).

The character lineup includes Satoshi and Go of "Pokemon", "Star Twinkle Precure", "Kamen Rider Zero One", "Secret x Warrior Fant Mirage!", "Knight Ryu Sentai Ryusouja", and Funashi. The price is 1400 yen (excluding shipping fee), and the product details are announced on the official website ( https://charaletter.com/scene/newyear/ ).

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