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Japan anime "Comic Market 97" (C97) Amazon, quietly exhibited at Comiket for the first time


Did you know that Amazon is exhibiting for the first time at "Comike" (comic market)?

[See all images and videos of Amazon's first exhibit at Comiket, "I want to find a

creator and reader using Kindle"] At the "Comic Market 97" (C97) venue that is being held from December 28 at Tokyo Big Sight Some of the participants may have witnessed it.

It wasn't announced at all (or rather much), so perhaps most people didn't, but quietlyperformed "the first Amazon Comiket exhibit " in the corporate area.

I saw it at the venue and hit the Amazon booth directly.

Amazon "Discover creators and readers with Comiket"

Following the C96 this summer, the C97 will be held for four days under the influence of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics until December 31, using the newly built Aomi Exhibition Building.

A corporate booth set up in the Aomi Exhibition Building, which is a bit far from the venue. The first day and the second day were crowded with participants visiting the limited goods from the morning.

Amazon first exhibited at Comike as " Amazon Kindle " (booth: 1334).

At the booth designed to mimic the familiar cardboard box , flyers for the currently held " 1st Kindle Indies Manga Awards " are being distributed.

Until now, a variety of works have been sold without the author having to go through the publisher through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), an independent e-book publishing service by Amazon.

"Kindle Indie Manga" is an attempt to allow manga artists to publish their works to the Kindle Store for free through this mechanism .

There is also an “Indie Free Manga Fund” that provides writers with distributions according to the popularity of their works ( related article ).

Exhibiting at Comiket is one of the ways to promote such an attempt.

"I wanted to let people know about trying to discover new talents at Comike, a place where people who love anime, manga, and games love themselves," said the person in charge.

"We are dealing with comics on the Kindle, but there are also people who read only (paper) comics and fans of animation and games, so you always know Amazon and Kindle we believe that it is not divided.

to such a person, the first place I was able to participate in I want to know of the Kindle that are dealing with a cartoon of the e-book "(" Amazon Kindle "person in charge)

Kindle is dedicated Some people have the image that they can't read without a terminal, but now they can browse from a browser as well as a smartphone app.

With the launch of Comiket, the aim is to find more creators and increase the number of Kindle users who can read anywhere.

"Japanese manga lovers are completely different from other countries."

Comiket of doujin creators and readers.

As part of a survey on the trends in Japanese comics, the person in charge has been participating in Comiket many times, as to who is coming to Comiket for what.


"It's a place where people who really love manga and anime are gathering, not only creating, but also feeling the power of the fans (accepting it) " ("Amazon Kindle" staff)

Japanese manga users in the first place So what does Amazon see in the eyes of e-book publishers around the world? I asked a simple question.

"(Japanese users are quite different from users in other countries . ) So we operate with a particular emphasis on e-book manga," he replied immediately.

What is reminded is the huge reaction of the release of Kindle Unlimited , an all-you-can-read service . When the subject was shaken, the person in charge only responded , " Yes, I was very studying at that time ."

Although the service was launched in August 2016, "Kindle Unlimited" was overwhelmed by browsing comics, which forced Amazon to change its contracts with publishers. We announce the circumstances). At present, the lineup is very different from when it was released.

In a nutshell, it can be said that Japanese users read comics well, far beyond Amazon's expectations .

Based on the response of "Kindle Unlimited", Japan is focusing on manga as mentioned above.

For example, in Japan, there were many requests to know the needs of other people in the ranking, so he explained that unlike other genres, Amazon's `` Kindle Manga Store '' has implemented a UI that puts out the entire ranking .

Amazon's “Small Step”

Comiket is a great opportunity to showcase the e-book store for manga, which puts special emphasis on the Japanese version of Amazon.

In spite of that, the quiet appearance is a concern, but in the actual booth there is a participant who seems to look peculiarly.

At the booth, some people first learned about the indie comics attempt. A person in charge of Comiket's participation in the company said, " I feel a response. "

Already in recent years, there has been an increasing movement to sell e-book versions using various Web services at the same time as distribution at the doujinshi sale event.

In particular, there is a large market for “BOOTH” (booth), a comprehensive market for creative products linked to the Japanese illustration SNS service “pixiv”. Fees are so low that they are unrivaled, so they seem to be actively used.

What kind of chemical reaction does "Amazon Kindle", which promotes multiple options of sales and free distribution at KDP, with Japanese coterie culture?

This first Comiket exhibition may be considered a “ small step ”.

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