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Anime KIMESTUNOYAIBA in the 70th NHK Red and White Singing Battle Rehearsal


■ LiSA, the
 first to participate in the 70th NHK Red and White Singing Battle Rehearsal (29th, Shibuya NHK Hall, Tokyo) , became the decisive factor for the first red and white appearance, and this year's hugely popular anime "Devil Blade" ] Opening theme “Gurenka”. 

After the rehearsal singing, he said, "I think NHK Hall has been singing many times, but I'm really nervous when it comes to the Red and White Singing Battle, but I'll do my best on the day!"  When asked to hear the surroundings after the participation was decided, he was surprised, "I thought that there were times when I was told," Congratulations! " Many people, including those who haven't watched the anime, have said, "Congratulations!" And I felt that many people watched and supported me. "

 As a representative of this year's anime hit work, he became a singer and said, `` Because I am impressed and got power through animation, as a representative of this year, thanks to everyone who loves the work, through TV I hope it was delivered. "

 Looking back on this year, "I was able to meet various people with" Gurren Hana ". I would like to bring the wonderfulness of animation, the joy of music, and the joy of rock to many people! I swore a further leap

 LiSA was born in Gifu Prefecture on June 24, 1987. In 2010, the TV anime Angel Beats! The second generation vocal Yui of the band "Girls Dead Monster" in the drama, gained popularity and made his solo debut with the mini album "Letters to U" in 2011 the following year. Since then, he has been the theme song for a number of popular works such as the TV anime "Fate / Zero", "Sword Art Online", and "Devil Blade".

 According to NHK's production director Hideaki Kato, the reason for the selection of LiSA was "The devil's blade that was in charge of the opening theme was hit and ranked first on the chart.It is playing an active role beyond the anison." Looking at the Japanese music scene, anime- and game-based content has enjoyed a wide share for the past 10 years, and there are also people who want to bring in those who are familiar with anime into red and white, and LiSA's popularity is amazing. I want young viewers who don't watch the movie to see it. "

 The program aims to `` Sing Your Dreams '' for the 2020 next year, when the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held from 2016, and this year's `` 70th '', which is near the Olympic Year, It is the year of the end. The moderator is Beni Gumi, Ayase Haruka, the Shiragumi, Sakurai Sho (Arashi), and the general moderator is Mitsuyoshi Uchimura (Utchan Nanchan) and NHK Mayuko Wakuda announcer.

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