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[Comiket 97] "Youth pig guy" "Aikatsu!" in Tokyo Japan


One of the end-of-year traditions, a major event, “Comic Market 97,” will begin this year. The first day of the event, held on December 28-31, attracted a total of 190,000 visitors, and this year was a great success. On this sunny day, many cosplayers also participate. This article focuses on the cosplay layer that was dressed as a popular anime character.

Kamoshida's novel "Seishun Buta-ro" series has exceeded 1.5 million copies. Tsubasa Kotowa was dressed as the character of Mai Sakurajima, the heroine of the TV anime "The Youth Butt Boys Never Dream of a Bunny Girl Senior". The bunny ears were attached to the Minegahara High School uniform that appeared in the work, and it was drawing attention.

 Tsubasa, who enjoyed Hatsune Miku's cosplay since elementary school, seems to have participated in Comiket four years ago, `` I feel that entry has become smoother than before because of the ticket system. " About this cosplay, `` In this character's cosplay, I see people who just wear gray wigs, but I am particular about the quality according to the original from the hair split to the pin position ".

 Riri Kisaragi also caught my eye in uniform cosplay. The heroine of "Darling in the Frankis" was dressed as Zero Two. Ririya, who has been cosplaying for about 5 years, said that the attraction was "I can make myself different from usual", and said, "This time, the makeup went very well. It was worth it. " The cosplay character I want to try in the future is the heroine of Code Geass, CC.

 Choro, who is participating for the first time in winter comics, said, “Aikatsu! Challenge Aoi Kiriya's cosplay. "Aikatsu! The appeal of "is that the young children are doing their best. I am so moved that I can cry." She was supposed to have perfect wig set, but she was sorry that she broke down because of the wind, she said she would try eroge cosplay next time.

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