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[Comiket 97] "Love Live!" at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan


Comic Market 97 opened yesterday at Tokyo Big Sight. From the first day, many cosplayers and photographers gather in the cosplay area. In addition to anime and manga, there were many cosplayers dressed as popular game characters.

"Love Live!", A popular card game, arcade game and smartphone game School Idol Festival ”. "Love Live!" Which sells not only games but also manga, TV anime, movies and various media developments. Series, but this time we shot “Love Live!” In Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Sakigu and Wheat dressed as characters of "Sunshine !!"

Mr. Wataru, who was trying to cosplay Tsushima Yoshiko, commented on the charm of the work, saying "It is the best story that children who have nothing too ordinary to aim for an unusual stage." When I asked Sakigu who was dressed as Hanamaru Kunikida about the goodness of Comiket, he said, "People with the same interests gathered, and there are also a lot of god painters and goods, and the atmosphere is" everything is there ". Is it fun? "

One piece of outfit that made a subtle difference in color usage etc. was ordered from a trader. "The design for Christmas is so cute. There are lots of cute things, such as the ribbon on the chest and the patterns in the small parts." "Costumes are around 15,000 yen and boots are 5,000 yen. It took quite a while, but it was a very satisfying finish." The love for the costumes and the individual characters was felt awful.

Yuri Tachibana challenges the new character African Elephant in Kemono Friends. As he said, "I worked hard in the cold with a hungry outfit before noon," he decided to pose in light clothes in a cold temperature. Yuri says she loves the game, and she's looking forward to seeing who she's going to get next.

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