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[Comiket 97] Magical girl illuminating Chinese cosplayer "Liyu" disaster prevention park


Liyuu , a cosplayer from Shanghai, China .

[[Comiket 97] Chinese cosplayer "Lee Yu" Magical girl illuminating the disaster prevention park [Photo] See all images and videos]

KAI-YOU has had her appear many times in the past, " Comic Market 97 (C97) On the first day of the show, Ilya Sir von Einzbern, a cosplayer from Fate / kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Illya, was shown.

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Model: Liyu ( @ Liyu0109 ) Photo: Diora ( @Diora_by_tot )

[C97] Liyuu Cosplay Photo

Born in 1997, from Shanghai. Liu who likes anime, manga, and games and is expanding his activities in Japan.

He belongs to Horipro International, which was established by a major entertainment agency, Horipro, based on the concept of "creating world-class specialists."

With 460,000 followers on Twitter and 710,000 on Weibo, they are popular cosplayers who can't be pushed or pushed.

He is not only a cosplayer but also a singer, and has decided to take charge of the theme song for the TV anime "Hatena Illusion" which will be broadcast from January 2020.


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"Comic Market 97" (C97) Special

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