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What was the most popular Japanese anime article you read? Weekly news summary (December 20-26)


Let's deliver the weekly popular article ranking this week. It ranks the top 20 of the Animage plus articles.
Which articles do anime, special effects, and hobby fans focus on?

How many articles related to "Devil's Blade" are still attracting much attention this time?
Or is the information of the new anime program from January already in the ranking?

The calculation period is from last Friday to this Friday.
Then start counting down from the best 20!

<December 20-December 26>


"I need more power!" "Devil May Cry 5" Dante's twin brother, Virgil, is three-dimensional!
[19th place] An
eerie Santa comes to town! [Gegege no Kitaro] Episode 86 Synopsis & Preceding Cut
[18th] What is the
most read popular article? Weekly topic news summary (December 13 to 19)
[17th place]
Plenty of memories of the moped trip! "What about Wednesday" DVD & BD release commemorative first lottery appeared
Which theme song is the most sung of all Gundam? "A really sung anison" Gundam edition!
A natural stone bracelet inspired by the character of "Devil's Blade" is described with images!
[14th] A
total of 9 million “Dragon Ball” diorama figures “Doracap” are back in 3 years!
[13th place] The
popular LINE stickers <Usamaru> and <Usako> are Mochi Mochi Japanese sweets!
[12th place]
Imagines and Climax Jump! Kamen Rider Den-O Silver Screen Return Commemoration Collaboration Held in Kyoto!
[11th place] The
package is also cute! A perfume filled with the appeal of "Ranma 1/2" appeared

. Articles rich in variety ranked in the 20th to 11th places.

The 19th place is the preceding cut article of "Gegege no Kitaro". Previously, when "Chin-san" was mentioned, "Kitaro" was ranked in the article, and "Kitaro" could be said to be very popular among the pre-cut articles.
In 18th place, the last week's "Weekly Ranking" is included, which is a somewhat interesting development.

In the 12th place, Imagine's articles on "Kamen Rider Den-O" are ranked.
At the "Toei Manga Festival" scheduled to be released on April 24, 2020, the name of "Kamen Rider Den-O" is included in the work list along with "Oshitari Tante", etc., and the attention of fans has increased. The main article in this article is "Kamen Rider Den-O Silver Screen Commemoration! Toei Uzumasa Movie Village x Arashiden Imagine to Kyoto!" Den-O fans and Kamen Rider fans should definitely check it out.

Finally, countdown from 10th to 1st!

"BORUTO- Bolt-" New chapter entry leading to the original story! New visuals first ban !!
[09] of
trying to Pikachu and the journey! Introducing travel goods that look great on Instagram!
Announced "Kingdom" broadcast in April, the main character cast!
Bandai Mizuno is a super collaboration of "Dragon Ball Z" and exciting! The long-awaited baseball item appeared!
Timeless masterpiece "Dragon Quest Die's Great Adventure" Completely animated animation decided in the fall of 2020, game conversion is also in progress!
[05th place]
"CC Sakura Clear Card" appeared in a compact BD2 disc set!
[04th place]
"Devil's Blade" body bag and other 3 products, 10 items will be released
[03rd place]
Anime "Kaguya-sama" will be broadcast in April 2020! Announcement of the first PV release and cast of a new character
The seventh installment of the anime "Yu-Gi-Oh!" 20th anniversary will start broadcasting in April 2020!
[01st] The
latest goods of

"Devil's Blade" ranked first in the "Jump Festa 2020" held on December 21 (Sat) and 22 (Sun) at last . Although the jump festival itself has ended, the items introduced here are also planned for general sale, so fans should check it out.

The article that I would like to focus on this time is No. 6, "Dragon Quest Die's Great Adventure".
"Dragon Quest Die's Great Adventure" is a super popular manga serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" from 1989 to 1996. Originally based on the game "Dragon Quest" series, but with many original elements, it was also a successor to Sanjo Riku who later wrote "Kamen Rider W (double)" and "Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger".
Due to its hot development, there are still many fans, and many of the famous lines are still being used a lot in various places as net memes.
The fact that the information on "Dai's Adventure" was ranked 6th also confirms the popularity of this work.

How was this ranking?
Regarding Animage Plus in 2020!


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