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"Japanese Anime Song Summer Live 2019 -STORY-"


2019 has entered a new era of Reiwa. Animelo Summer Live (Anisama), the world's largest anison live event, has been in its 15th year and continues to evolve and grow.

About Anisama and the anime song scene of 2019 where there were various events, to Anisama General Producer Koji Saito, who is nicknamed `` Saito P '' not only for artists and creators but also for fans who love Anison And last year, the 2019 anison scene. And they talked about "Animelo Summer Live 2019 -STORY-".
⇒Year- end special plan! “Animelo Summer Live 2018“ OK! ”” Disassembly interview with Saito P telling the story and backstory of Anisama!


── 2019 is coming to an end. What did you think this year was for Anisama and for anime songs?


Saito: I think Anisama also plays a role in incorporating the latest Anison trends. If you look back on 2019, yes, I participated in the event called “Heisei Anison Award” held at Loft Plus One the other day, and I chose Anison, a symbol of the first year of Reiwa. I pushed LiSA's Gurenhua without hesitation. This year, "Devil's Blade" became a hot topic, the animations made by ufotable were amazing, and the originals also moved tremendously with the hits of the anime. After all, I think Anison should be linked to anime, so in that sense I think Gurenhua is a song that symbolizes this year. The anime "Devil's Blade" was broadcasted in two cools, but the opening always pulled "Gurenka". It's hard to fix the theme song recently, so I was happy. The ending theme "from the edge" is also included as FictionJunction feat. LiSA, both of which LiSA sings and lyricizes alongside the work. After a long time, I feel like seeing a straight ball in the middle that anison is like this.


── “Speaking of this anime, this song” reminds me of the jump animation of the past.


Saito: In that sense, it's a special song, and the scene where the demon shouted, "The year is changing !!" The anime and the song "Gurren Hana" were the moment when the year changed from Heisei to Reiwa. In addition, in the TV anime "How many kilograms of dumbbells can you have?", "Please Muscle" sung by Firuzu Ai and Kishihito Ishikawa created such a fun hit from where nobody expected. So, I think it became a song that shows the diversity of this year's anison.


実 At the "Heisei Anison Grand Prize", the "Amy" of Minori Chihara was selected as a special prize at the "Reiwa 1st Year Anison Grand Prize".


Saito: At the Heisei Anison Awards, I chose "The Cruel Angel's Thesis" and "Agape" as the best songs, but Reiwa also hit "Agape" (inserted song from the TV anime "Wakyu Princess"). It was talked about wanting a song.


で す ね It's a song from MeloCure. Is it a song that should be left in the history of Anison, known to those who know it?


Saito: That's right. One of the things that came to mind when thinking about this song this year was Chihara's Amy (the ending theme for the movie version "Violet Evergarden Gaiden-Eternity and Automatic Handwriting Doll-"). The feeling put in the braid that we continued to knit. It meant that braids could be unraveled, but braids couldn't. The year of Reiwa has the meaning of hope for peace, but for our industry it has been a year that will be remembered along with a case of great loss. The Kyoto event was just before Anisama was held. The works "Violet Evergarden" and "Amy" are wonderful regardless of the incident, but Yo-Poo (Nippon Broadcasting Naoki Yoshida announcer) said, "There should be no anime or anison fan who hears that song and feels nothing. That's what it was. " I agree with it and recommend it because it is a symbol of this year.


Amy (Misato Chihara)


──I think LiSA's appearance in this year's NHK Red and White Singing Battle is also a major topic of Reiwa.


Saito: I think it's a long-cherished red and white appearance for LiSA. I think it would be interesting to appear in "Kurerenka" as Reiwa's red and white red set. Until now, Nana Mizuki, μ's and Aqours, as well as artists related to Anisama have appeared on Kouhaku. I think that one of the events that symbolizes this year is that LiSA finally appears in red and white while the existence of the world's anison has been acknowledged. But among us, when LiSA is heard as a red and white performer, it's a feeling that it should be rather than something special. I think it's time to come up with the words from the anime world.


──On the contrary, big names such as Kiyoshi Hikawa and Masayuki Suzuki appeared on Anisama more often.


Saito: I don't think they're conscious of the barrier of being an anime song live. There are very hot fans and it feels like enjoying the venue as a very good stage.

Breakthrough x Survivor (Kiyoshi Hikawa)


── Hikawa's first appearance in 2017 is to show a visual-like rock appearance, 2019 is neutral or exhilarating, such as anisama as a place to show my new self I feel like I value it. I feel that the image of Kiyoshi Hikawa, sent by Mr. Hikawa after this year's Anisama, has changed slightly.


Saito: I think it is definitely there. I think that there was a chance to express the part of the rock side from before, but I think that it is a special experience to have a huge box called Saitama Super Arena and to be cheered by the crowd full of fans you know. There is a phrase such as "break through the door of the possibility of being locked" in "Breakthrough x Survivor", but I think that's exactly what it says. In fact, Mr. Hikawa gave me an offer to go to Anisama this year and asked him to appear. Hikawa-san asked you to bring what you want to do and what you want to show. Anyone from Anisama can accept anything.


の Is the warmth and depth of Anisama's fans pushing the back of Hikawa's new expression?


Saito: I think there is definitely. As of 2017, it was their first appearance, and I was worried that it would be perceived that “Enka Kiyoshi Hikawa” would appear to be rocky in Anisama, but it was accepted with great cheers 2019 I think it led to the expression of the year. It was announced that Masayoshi Oishi will provide music to Masayuki Suzuki ("Even if the world is facing away"), but I think that this is also a connection that connects a place called Anisama. There is an edge that Anisama connects, like ALTIMA, Yukari Tamura and MOTSU.

Love Dramatic (Masayuki Suzuki feat. Sphere)


雅 Masayuki Suzuki's stage was surprised by the co-starring with Sphere, and "No, it wasn't so" and "Megumi no Hito" were very exciting.


Saito When I went to see Masayuki Suzuki's live, MC was really interesting and exciting. So this time I wanted to include the length of MC. At the beginning, the song was "Love Dramatic" because it was an anison (the theme song for anime), but singing "No, it's not" means that it's not an anison. Because it also becomes a story. "Megumi no Hito" saw the excitement of Masayuki Suzuki's live, so I thought that I couldn't put it in. At the time of the rehearsal, I wanted Suzuki to enjoy it, so everyone on the spot wore sunglasses and did a rehearsal. Suzuki also wore sunglasses, so I didn't notice much (laughs). As expected, the Spheres didn't wear sunglasses, but all the members of the Anisama band, which I didn't talk about, were playing with sunglasses. From the stage of rehabilitation and preparation, I practice practicing the artist's feelings and enjoying it, so I thought that this was also anisamiism.


は Did you feel that the collaboration with Sphere was suggested by Anisama Side?


Saito: Yes. Suzuki's side is not very familiar with Anison artists, so I recommended Sphere because he has singing skills, can handle R & B choruses, can dance, and has a good connection with variety. The collaboration with Sphere was initially planned to be "Love Dramatic" only. But Suzuki told me that he wanted to do more with Sphere, and at the time of the first rehabilitation, Kotobuki had mastered dance and singing perfectly, so we could expand various arrangements there.

Welcome to Japari Park (Kemono Friends x i ☆ RiSphere)


──DAY1 has begun with a happy and gorgeous collaboration unit called “Welcome to Japari Park” by Kemono Friends x i ☆ RiSphere. Please tell us why you decided to start Anisama 2019 in this collaboration.


Saito: "Kemono Friends" had a performance following the opening of DAY1 2017, following the SOS team's "Hare Hare Yukai". It's impossible for an ordinary person to sing first after the SOS team comes out and sing (laughs). Two years later, "Kemono Friends 2" and the game "Kemono Friends 3" are continuing, but during that time there were various things. Something flaming. But looking straight at it, "Kemono Friends" is a fun, happy and deep work, and there's nothing wrong with anyone who plays music. Above all, we provide concerts, so "Welcome to Japari Park" is still a masterpiece. That's why I decided to have fun again with everyone, so i ☆ Ris, Sphere, and Toki (Tomoko Kaneda) joined together and sang with the power of the group.

Get on! Japari Beat-Momo, No, D, Mano (Oishima Masayoshi x Tomoko Kaneda)


金 Kaneda-san's freedom at “Ride on! Japari Beat” was amazing.


Saito: In fact, Kanada was supposed to scream at the "It's Showtime" timing, but he completely forgot to set up (laughs). Mr. Kaneda started running, and Oishi went after him, saying "Sad ..." That's why Oishi was quite serious about it (laughs).

Where you return (fhana feat. Gothic x Luck)


There was also a stage where ──fhāna and Gothic × Luck collaborated and sang “Kimono Friends 2”, “You are home”.


Saito: Humans and friends appearing in "Kemono Friends" are inconsistently separated, but they are on good terms. It also implies that their time to live is separated. So at "Where You Go Home", Gothic x Luck suddenly appears without a swing and disappears without MC after singing. Even though they are taking harmony together and singing, they and Towana never meet. Gourd combat is a philosophical being and may know the identity and fate of humans. While they and Towana, a human symbol, are on the same stage, there may be thousands of years of disconnection between them. It was just a fall rust, and the choreography of the girls and towana was synchronized.

Rhapsody of blue sky (fhana with Anima Friends)


何 か There may be something that can be transmitted even when disconnected.


Saito: I've been working on this with a lot of discussions with Junichi Sato of fhāna. This time, I worked on the theme song "CROSSING STORIES", so Mr. Sato's spirit was amazing. I made this stage with a density that really made up fhāna's solo live.


い Speaking of collaboration, Suzuko Mimori of the first day, the composition of collaboration mainly changing partners one after another was interesting.


Saito: At this time, there was no anison to say that this song had to be sung, so Mr. Mimori focused on the very important thing that is indispensable for both Anisama and the anison scene. It is a milestone of performing Anisama for 10 consecutive years including units such as Milky Holmes. The composition this time is called "Suzuko Mimori Humanity Medley", but after all, collaboration and preparation have the highest calories in both practice and practice. But I'll do it with Mimori! Everyone said, that's her virtue after all.

Futari Togenkyo (Suzuko Mimori x Kaori Ishihara)

Doki Doki Doki Toki Mekis (Yu Serizawa → Suzuko Mimori ← Yuka Otsubo)

── And the most unique thing about DAY1's set list was the “blue bird” of “Chisaragi Kisaragi”.


Saito: This year is also a milestone year, with the 15th anniversary year of "Idol Master" also beginning. Nowadays, idol works and units are in their heyday, but the beginning of such a flow is the presence of the “Idol Master”, an unmarked 765 pro. There is recognition that the existence of Asami Imai and Eriko Nakamura, who led this, is very large. This time I asked Duke Pianito to play the piano, but in fact, I saw the performance video that Duke Pianito posted on Nico Nico Douga and found out about the “blue bird”. And I was the first person to contact him in the internet world, where he appeared in Nico Nico Grand Conference and helped with his album debut. The duke of Pianito @ Yui Morishita once appeared on the live performances of Go Shiina and Asami Imai (of the composer of "Aoi Tori"). I don't think I had a chance to sing in the performances, so I had a strong desire to watch.


も Because it was a complete surprise, the air on the day was unique.


Saito: At first, there were many customers who didn't even notice, and the intro began, and Imai-san appeared. I didn't give a formal advance notice, so Imai himself was very nervous whether there was a producer at the venue or whether he would accept it. What impressed me was that MC was completely Chihaya Kisaragi, and the dialogue was perfect. After the stage, I went back to Imai and said, "I didn't bite!" In Nakazato P, how was Chihaya acting or laughing?


以降 After the animation, I thought that if Chihaya was stable on the stage after gaining connections with friends, that would be like that.


Saito: That's important. I think it's an image of what happens if Kisaragi Chihaya is on stage at Anisama.


Blue Bird (M @ STER VERSION) (Chihaya Kisaragi feat. Duke of Pianito)

──You heard that Chihaya Kisaragi's costume was produced by Asami Imai at his own expense.


Saito: I was surprised to learn that story after the event. This time, I was just performing as an artist, Chihaya Kisaragi, so I heard that she would appear in a blue dress-like costume that matched that image. I was so surprised that Mr. Imai ordered that all of her appearance galleries be used for costumes.


How was the performance of Duke Pianito?


Saito: His story is based on his usual transcendental technique, but in the early stages, the tension came from his performance. In the original video, the main melody, the arpeggio of the accompaniment, and the middle part are all played, so it's a strange performance to do with ten fingers. This time, Chihaya Kisaragi's vocals are included, so I opened the main melody and replaced it with a counter melody that strings played in the original song instead. I thought it was a takumi's job, with one piano sounding like an orchestra.


In the second part, I'd like to ask Koji Saito to continue to check out the “Violet Evergarden” songs and the appearance of after-school tea time.


[Following the second part]


(Interview and text: Kiri Nakazato)

>> From the Red and White Singing Battle to Kiyoshi Hikawa and Chihaya Kisaragi, talk about this year's anison scene and "Anisama"! Anisama General Producer, Koji Saito "Animelo Summer Live 2019 -STORY-" Review of the original interview (part 1) is here

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