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Netflix animation "Kusuo Saiki's difficulty" 4-6 Synopsis & scene cut Also transfer student appearance


Synopsis and scene cuts for episodes 4 to 6 have been released from the latest series "Saiki Kusuo's difficulties starting", which is distributed as a Netflix original animation from December 30.

[Exclusive release] The

 same work that was serialized in the new "Kusuo Saiki" episode 4-6 scene cut "Weekly Shonen Jump" is one after another to high school student Kusuo Saiki who can use telepathy, psychokinesis, see-through, etc. And the disaster begins to fall. The first stage of the animation will be broadcast from July to December 2016, the second period will be from January to June 2018 (the final edition will be December), and a live-action movie starring Kento Yamazaki in 2017. Now the series will be exclusive to Netflix worldwide in six episodes.

[Episode 4] Season 1 fear! ΨEvil transfer student appears! (Part 1)
 The appearance of transfer students that are becoming more and more usual. It is Kusuo who thought that it was really spoiled, but the reality is not sweet. Tori Bunka hurriedly came to consult with him when the "outrageous guy" came. The name of the transfer student is Yuzu Suzumiya. At first glance, she looks like a normal high school girl, but she was an unlucky owner at the level of a competent person. It was a bird bundle that took care of Suzumiya, but various unfortunate consequences came down.

[Episode 5] Season1 bullying rescue! Mr. Iguchi In addition, the
 face is erotic, but the inside is a serious homeroom teacher, Takumi Iguchi. He has been in the office for half a year, and has had some trouble with his students. I guessed that I was misunderstanding that the class was bullied. While classmates such as Kaito, Kubotanisu, and Hairo have casual conversations, Iguchi, who was watching from afar, expands his fantasy. Eventually, he will take hard measures to save Gundo from bullying.

[Episode 6] Season 1 Launch of Kusuo Saiki (1) Others
 Kusuo Saiki is a psychic ... As an ordinary high school student, Kusuo advanced to the third grade. Kusuo feels a little inconvenient due to the inability to use his psychic ability. Still, I am determined that I do not need psychic powers. In the class, there is an issue of studying geography and learning, and it is said that people who have chosen the same country form a group. I do not want attention KusunokiTakeshi is to try to avoid that come together in the group remains a Terukyo of the same class, but !? ...

■ cast information
Saiki KusunokiTakeshi: Hiroshi Kamiya
燃堂force: Daisuke Ono
Umifuji Shun: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Hairyo Kinekokorozashi: Satoshi Hino
Toritaba ReiFutoshi: Natsuki Hanae
Terukyo Kokorobi: Ai Kayano
Takumi Iguchi: Toriumi Kosuke
Suzumiya Hikoromo: Nao Higashiyama

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