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Did you escape from reality?  
(4) 30 years after Tezuka Osamu's death, 20 years from the zeros. 

 1989 is the year of the Heisei era, but it is better for the elderly to say 1988.

 That's because that year was the year that Osamu Tezuka died, and I personally couldn't find a “Heisei sensation” there.

 Thirty years after that, the man born after the "giant star crash" is now thirty, and one of the manga artists born in the same year will be the creator of that "voice-shape" at the time of the Great Time. Osamu Tezuka has long been drawing on the theme of "discrimination". A cartoonist born shortly after his death won the 19th Osamu Tezuka Grand Prize in 2015, drawing a `` shape of voice '', and now the story of the immortal hero who continues metamorphosis `` Immortal I want to think that it is meaningful to draw to you. I'm expecting how far as a real-time “bird of fire”.

 By the way, as it continues from the previous time, "This manga is amazing! 2020" was collected and could not be obtained, but you can check the ranking on the net. So I went to another station where I live now to buy another annual manga best book, "Freestyle / Read the Best Manga 2020!" Was told to).

 The two have been published side by side since the mid-zeros, but the best works were different each year, as if they were in the same year, and they were interestingly compared.

 The best of "This manga is amazing!" Is for high school and college students who like anime & games and who still have the physical strength to line up at Comiket. "Read this manga!" The two water and oily feelings were very interesting, but this year's lineup was mixed with each other, and it was "?".

 Yes, it's been 20 years since the zeros. I'm surprised more than 30 years after Tezuka's death.

 This year it was the first time since I went to elementary school that I did not go to a bookstore as expected, until the discharge of early spring after the brain miso clogged and collapsed, and it was the first time since I entered elementary school, I couldn't check the best books, and many of this year's new books couldn't be read until I was discharged, but I was relieved because I could read them unexpectedly.

 From a long time ago, the editorial soul was nervous if there was a work that I did not know (even if I do not read it but I can understand it for the time being) , This year's tingling was about "Sayonara Mini Skirt", which was the first place in "This manga is amazing! 2020" Female. However, when read on this machine, it was very interesting as a youth story depicting the problem of "now". Although it may be abrupt, I thought that it could not be read as "Reiwa's Hot Road". I was worried that the key boy (Hikaru Horiuchi) may still be weak in the first two volumes, but if it gets stronger, the love frequency in the work rises, and the gender problem recedes. I don't personally want a "hot road" because it's going to happen.

 For the time being, I would like to comment on these two best works.
 First, "This manga is amazing! 2020".

The first place in the book "SPY x FAMILY" Tatsuya Endo (Shueisha)
 first appeared in a distribution magazine called "Shonen Jump +". I sometimes saw Fire Punch after it started, but if it wasn't a magazine that I could pick up, I wouldn't understand the fantasy of the medium and wouldn't grow into attachment. This year, the same `` Shonen Jump + '' for the first time `` Kana no Astra '' won the Manga Awards 2019, became animated and gained popularity, and the times are changing rapidly, saying `` fantasy '' It may be that old fashion is increasingly spurred.

Otoko 2nd "Robo Sapiens Prehistoric" Toranosuke Shimada (Kodansha)
 Shimada's tempo-like works like Yasujiro Ozu were loved in 2002 from "The Last Waltz-Secret Story Tour" and I want to live long. On the day of the typhoon, both upper and lower windings are in my bag, and I got wet in the rain, so I'm thinking about buying it again. It was even more surprising than when Ryoke Narida drew "Machine Love".

The 3rd place in the Otoko Hen, "My Heart's Dangerous Guy" Noriko Sakurai (Akita Shoten) The
 Otoko Hen did not read this much. Futomomo in the cover picture of Volume 2 reminded of Aki Uchida's `` Andro Trio '' because it was a champion comic, but I wrote that it was not younger than I bought it. It was rude to touch without touching it, so I read it. It wasn't "Andro Trio", but it was a perverted metamorphosis that was obsessed with detail, and it was a manga that was also familiar to TAGRO "Hen Zemi", Shigeyuki Fukumitsu's work, and more specifically Osamu Tezuka. Don't worry.

 By the 10th place in the book, I like the 5th place “Water flows toward the sea”. The Tajima Archipelago works also have the smell of a small theater drama (for example, Ryo Iwamatsu), and that's what I want them to make into a drama on Netflix. 6th place "Devil's Blade" is a big break with animation. It has successfully circumvented the current tide of the tendency to eliminate what was killed. The original has a lot of noise (unarranged lines), and it is a unique pattern (the original creator's name is also turning back for simplicity), which is an attractiveness that does not allow for stability, but in animation it works It has become popular because it is easier to watch the places that are organized. I would like to see extra anime with a touch like "Child of the Sea Beasts". Also, the ninth place “Panda Detective Company” is a pleasure. For now I read all the works.

 Then, the female version, I mentioned earlier-

 Female first place "Good-bye mini skirt" Aoi Makino (Shueisha) "Good-bye mini skirt" was written in the obi as "There are girls who are indifferent, but there are no unrelated girls", but "men" are "indifferent" I don't think it should be. The author of the 23rd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize Short Film Prize-winning work "Men-chan", which was recently a movie, is a male writer, so the relationship and psychology between men and women who have been secretly (deciphered) now are renewed. I think this is the age of being done. The talent, Miki Nishino, who was frustrated at the time and did not like much, was seriously (sometimes teased) in AbemaTV's "Time of Chance" and was impressed by her for the first time. A good old man should read girl manga seriously. First, how about Akio Yoshida's "Sakurano-no-en" or "Longer than the river" as an introduction.

Onna Hen 3rd place "Tomorrow's Die,"
 Maiko Karisu (Ota Publishing) Since Maiko Karisu has been a favorite picture since the time of Doujinshi, I want to live here as well. The picture is more attractive in the old days, but the title is good in the old days. "Even if I like strawberries, it's rarely red. Or "I want you to be a constellation when you connect" or "My disliked friends."
The first and third places both represent gender and desire are the back theme. This year, "Naked Director" did it, but in fact this theme is upside down, but it's still going through.
If you see a dialogue book “Sexual Structure” between poet Hiromi Ito and actress Kaoru Kuroki, who is also an icon of Muranishi AV, please read it at a used bookstore. It is a famous book.

 Other than the 1st place (on the 10th place), there were unexpectedly many excellent works that did not rely on flashiness. Mr. Hagio (I'm sorry, let me be the only teacher here) There are already projects that are already fancy, such as the Poe Clan Unicorn. 7th place "Tedaremonra" Shizuka Nakano was a solid, well-painted work reminiscent of Hinako Sugiura. There are also a few unpurchased items, 8th place "Nude consistency! Tsuzui-san] Tsuzui, 9th place "Yuria-sensei's Red Thread", Kiwa Irie, couldn't read.

 Then, "Freestyle /" THE BEST MANGA 2020 Read this manga! ", But the first place here is the same work as" This manga is amazing! I feel that the times have changed. Did the hearts of the University Mankens grow, or did Comiket customers grow older? So -

read the first place is "crazy is, to you. ] I
 bought Yamato (KADOKAWA) jacket. It is a short editing that is impressive between unique styles, but when asked if it is the best of all manga works published in a year, it becomes "?". I think I'm a future writer, so I'm looking forward to the next one. However, I think that this one work was the highest ranking among the two best overlapping parts (that is, the intersection of A and B), but I think that it is a verification point.

 And if you mention another overlapping work within the 10th place-

read 2nd place, "Water flows towards the sea", the Tajima Islands (Kodansha) = 5th place for a great man.
Read 3rd place, “Robo Sapiens Prehistory”, Toranosuke Shimada (Kodansha) = 2nd place for a great man.
4th place to read "Heart" Akiko Okuda (Reid Inc.) = 5th place for amazing women.
5th place for reading "SPY × FAMILY" Tatsuya Endo (Shueisha) = 1st place for amazing man.
Read 8th, "Panda Detective Company", Sawae Pump (Lido Company) = 9th in the Great Man.
Read 9th place, "Poe's Clan Unicorn" Nobuto Hagio (Shogakukan) = 6th in Great Female Edition.

 On the other hand, what did not overlap was the

6th place of “Reading Arabs of the Future: Childhood in the Middle East (1978-1984)” Riad Satouf (Hanadensha)
 42nd Angoul ム me International Manga Festival, Best Picture Award of the Year. The possibility that such a work will appear in "This manga is amazing" will be zero at the moment. Already read.

Read 7th, "The Absurd Diary Complete Edition" Hideo Azuma (Reprinted dot.com) Mr.
 Azuma, thank you for everything. The work I was in charge of is also included. Already read.

Read 9th place in the same number, "Umimachi diary"
 read by Akio Yoshida (Shogakukan) . Congratulations!

Read the same number 9 "Dorohedro" Kyu Hayashida (Shogakukan)
 I did not read several volumes here. Speaking of which, it has been five years since "Monthly IKKI" disappeared.

 Yeah, publishing, manga, anime, movies, everything will change in the coming year.
 Out of 10th place, "This manga is amazing! 2020" Otoko's 11th place "Uncle World" is almost dead (KADOKAWA) and 12th place "Rideon King" Kaba Baba (Kodansha), these two I would like to think for a while as to how to read and compare arrangements from different world reincarnations without touching the game culture.

 Speaking of which, if the year is early, the beast god Thunder Liger will retire. If you think about it, Liger debuted at Tokyo Dome 30 years ago, in 1989 when Osamu Tezuka passed away (by the way, the Tiananmen incident also happened in 1989). The first book I wrote as an editor (although I don't know how it was decided to publish a work serialized in another company's magazine at Tokuma Shoten) was published in 1988 by Supplex Yamada-kun. did. Born in 1964, the same as Yamada. As a professional wrestling fan, I wanted to cover this, so I went to the young lion dormitory before the renovation without having to talk with the original author and the drawing staff. After opening the entrance, Shinya Hashimoto was sitting naked on the sofa in front of him, and it was quite unusual for Choshu to see a cute thing worthy of being called "Cinta". The face of the person in charge of the fan of “ゑ Hirogarizu” who made the finals in the “M-1 Grand Prix” the other day had a voice (such as the content of a liger) in the face of the fan, but I think it is a little different. However, 30 years later, what kind of real face does Liger have, with the hair protruding from the mask becoming hairy? Please do your best a little more.

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