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"Plastic Kyoshiro" spreads "the fun of remodeling" by Mobile Suit Gundam mixing


"Mobile Suit Gundam" celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. Despite its strong popularity worldwide, it was the gunpla boom in the early 1980s that underpinned it. We interviewed Mr. Netaro 23 (@ NET_ARROW23), a master of mixing (a technique of combining parts from different kits), on the modeler's “technique” that has played a part in the evolution of such “gunpla”. We heard about the original experience and the achievements of "Plastic Kyoshiro", which spread the appeal of mixing builds to children.

[Gunpla] Quattro's delight! With this Hyakushiki, Cybele and Di O seem to be overwhelming even at the opponent ...

■ Combining with the same mechanical designer parts creates a sense of unity-the

aircraft introduced this time is based on a mixing build, but sleeping Taro 23 has won the mixing contest of Gundam Ace, a magazine specializing in Gundam comics. Please tell us the pleasure and real pleasure of mixing.

[Netaro23] I think the real thrill is that you can realize your desire to make your own original Gunpla. However, it is difficult to design from scratch, so I am thinking about how to achieve my own "originality". For example, color. If you make your own color like Char's only, or replace the head alone with another aircraft, I think that alone will create “originality”.

-Indeed, in the anime "ZZ Gundam", the aircraft "Z Zaku" with Zaku II's head mounted on the Z Gundam, and in the "08MS Squadron", the land battle type Gundam with a lost head repaired with the thing of the land battle type gym Appeared in "Jim head". Each left an impact. What are the key points for performing such a mixing build?

[Netaro 23] This work was inspired by playing the smartphone game "Gundam Breaker Mobile" (hereafter referred to as Gambre). Star 4 that came out for the first time while playing the game is Aegis Gundam's leg, which is really cool. So I thought, "Let's make a mix based on this."

--So that's it. So this aircraft can be reproduced in the game, right?

[Netaro 23] The combination that can be reproduced in the game so that people who see the work and think it is "cool" can also be reproduced in the actual gunpla. The work name is Gundam Callisto. Artemis is the protagonist of Gambre, so it was named after Artemis' servant Fairy Callisto, using the same myth as a motif.

――What are the key points when producing by mixing?

[Netaro 23] One of the things I often do is to use mechanical designers to unify parts. This time, the mechanical design of Aegis Gundam is Okawara (Kunio), so based on that, the body and head are the strike gundam, and the arms are the wing gundam.

Head: Aegis Gundam
Body: Strike Gundam
Arms: Wing Gundam
Legs: Aegis Gundam
Back: Rick Diaz
Weapon: Gundam Dunames Sengoku Astray
Shield: Strike Gundam

-Surely the design will come together. Netaro 23 won the mixing contest for the Gundam manga "Gundam Ace". What kind of work did you do at this time?

[Netaro 23] It was a contest to make original Gunpla that appeared in Gaiden of the comic version "Gundam Build Fighters". We produced Darkhound and Gundam Sparrow (both "Gundam Age"), but this time we put together the aircraft designed by designer Ebikawa (Kanetake).

■ "Surprising combination" discovered in "modern version" and "Puramo Kyoushiro"

-remodeling by mixing builds-the manga "Puramo Kyoushiro" that led the gunpla boom in the early 1980s is indispensable I think.

[Netaro 23] I also love "Plastic Kyoshiro" and read related comics such as "New Plastic Kyoshiro" and "Super Warrior Gundam Guy." I think the idea of ​​wanting to make your own Gunpla is greatly influenced by the “Hara experience” that was reading “Plastic Kyoshiro”.

――The idea of ​​Perfect Gundam using a watch belt and Perfect Geong with Dom's feet was remarkable at the time.

[Netaro 23] I think the spirit of "free gunpla" is a spirit that has been handed down since this time.

――In this work, “Gambre” is a kick-off, but this game can be called a “modern version” of “Puramo Kyoshiro”.

[Netaro 23] At that time, I was longing for the simulation room that the shiroshiro and others were experiencing. The gunpla you made actually moves and you can steer. Gambre also has that kind of element.

――When I grew up, I thought that the manga world would be realized (laughs).

[Netaro23] When I played "Gumbre", I felt that there was a discovery of a "new combination" that could not be experienced with plastic model production. This may be close to the feeling of reading "Plastic Kyoshiro". This time, I'm using a Rick Diaz backpack, but at first I never imagined this. When I happened to put it together in Gasha, I found out that it was "cool".

――Sure, in the case of making a plastic model, if you want to try a combination of the parts you conceived, you need to buy a gunpla. But if you try it and say, "That's not what you imagine ...", it's useless.

[Netaro 23] It's good that you can try various combinations as many times as you like in the game. Of course, there is a dilemma that it is difficult to get the parts you want (laughs).

――Mixing isn't just cool, it's a bumpy feeling.

[Netaro23] I'm aiming for something that the viewer wants to “mane” rather than an example that was a mess when making a work.

-I want to make Gunpla not a hobby with a high hurdle, but a comfortable one.

[Netaro 23] Yes. I want to be a viewer and I want to be with you, and I will continue to work that way in the future. If you think that this work is "cool", you can easily reproduce it in the Gunpla or in the game, so I would like you to try it out by all means. In that way, I want to create something that can be enjoyed with everyone.

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