[Image] Kirito smiles surrounded by beauties ... "SAO" exhibition in Kyoto's visual

 same work, the main character Kirito dives full into a virtual world with a magnificent fantasy taste, and the memory immediately before login is cluttered with clues A story that wanders in search. The latest chapter features a story that has been half a year since Kirito, Eugeo and Alice have defeated the Supreme Priest and Administrator.

 In addition, a concert in which a number of famous songs by Yuki Kajiura, a musician of the series, will be performed in a full orchestra arrangement will be held at the Tokyo Art Theater Concert Hall on April 11, next year, and a commercial video will be released . In addition, a newly drawn illustration completed version of the interactive exhibition event "SAO-X Chronicle-in KYOTO" will be released, and at the Kyoto venue Kirito, Asuna, Reafa, Chinon, Yuuki dressed in original costumes based on white , Eugeo and Alice welcome guests at the venue.