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Japanese Anime Popular Article Ranking Top 5 Updated December 29, 2019


No1  Monkey Punch's memorial book contributed by Gosho Aoyama Lupine and Conan re-co-star in illustrations

A book commemorating Monkey Punch who died in April 2019, the original creator of "Lupine III", "Mourning, Monkey Punch. A 60 Year History of a Comic Artist" (published by Futabasha) on December 24 It was released.

This book introduces Monkey Punch's 60-year career as a manga artist through interviews with stakeholders in various industries such as manga, anime, and pachinko, and works. Includes the phantom debut "Key to Predict Death" released under the name of Kato Kato during the rental period before Break, the illustration gallery of "Lupine III", and the "Monkey Punch Incomplete Works List".

Also titled "Goodbye, Monkey", famous manga artists such as Tetsuya Chiba, Machiko Satonaka, Baron Yoshimoto, and Go Nagai contributed specially. Above all, Mr. Gosho Aoyama of `` Detective Conan '' was related to working with Monkey Punch on the crossover work `` Lupin III VS Detective Conan '', and `` The best memory with Mr. Monkey Punch is `` Lupine At the time of "The 3rd VS Detective Conan THE MOVIE", Haihara gave Fujiko-chan "Don't you be disappointed, wasn't it?" If I was prepared not to be able to do it, I was praised by the teacher at the preview and saying, "That line made Fujiko real. Thank you!" (Laughs) Lupine III is immortal forever! ", And he re-plays Lupine III and Conan Edogawa with hand-drawn illustrations.

"Mourning, Monkey Punch. A 60-Year History of a Comic Artist" is on sale for 2500 yen (excluding tax).


No2  What is "Evolving power" of Ayane Sakura & Tomokazu Sugita? What we learned from "Shinkarion"

Theatrical version of the popular TV anime "Shinkansen Deformation Robo Shinkarion: God Speed ​​ALFA-X from the Future" will be released on December 27. Ayane Sakura, who plays the main character Hayato, and Tomokazu Sugita, who plays the father Hokuto, have co-starred in the TV series as a parent and child. When they talked about the tags in this series, they found that they had something in common with "the power to work" as well as a comfortable feeling of distance like "parents and children." (Interview, text, photo / Orie Narita)

"Shinkansen Deformation Robo Shinkarion" is a story depicting Hayato, a boy who loves railways, confronting powerful enemies as a driver of a deformation robot "Shinkarion" developed by Shinkansen Super Evolution Laboratory. TV anime is broadcast from January 2018 to June 2019, and the theater version is now complete. Hokuto goes missing as the threat of the earth approaches due to the invasion of new enemies. "9-year-old Hokuto" and Hayato and others who have appeared across time and space are taking on a fight to protect Japan's peace and security. Collaboration with "Evangelion" and "Hatsune Miku" was included, and the work was full of excitement.

Impressed with the completion of the movie version. What was your impression of Rie Kugimiya participating in the war?

(C) Project Shinkalion ・ JR-HECWK / Super Evolution Institute ・ The Movie 2019

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Sakura says, "I have a surprise from the beginning and have a very impactful start. I think it has become a theatrical version that can be called the culmination of" Shinkarion "with a festive feeling." A new character will appear with the elements that appeared in the above. I think that people who have watched the series so far will especially enjoy it. " "I was able to start the movie version with the heat, tension, and tension of the TV series," she recalls.

Sugita also stated, "From the first day of release, all generations have been able to see the departure progress all at once. Such a situation can not be made with the aim. The word" for all generations "is more stale as it is said It's a personal impression that it's going to be a thing, but Shinkalion makes it possible. I'm amazed at the depth of Shinkalion. " In addition, the production site is said to have a feeling of “depth of nostalgia”. “A train is something that can only run on the track, but everyone talks and decides how to run it. I think it's a part of that. "

(C) Project Shinkalion ・ JR-HECWK / Super Evolution Institute ・ The Movie 2019

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The storyline is full of surprises, as Hokuto is missing and “9-year-old Hokuto” ​​comes over time and space. Sugita started by saying, "I was happy to see the 9-year-old Hokuto," and said, "Hayato's younger sister, Haruka, looks and is neither similar to her parents, so it's a little bit This time, I realized that I was following the character of Hokuto when I was a boy, so I thought “I was glad. I was relieved.” Sakura also said, “Ah! very loud laugh.

Rie Kugimiya was appointed as "Shonen Hokuto". Sugita introduced his reaction, saying, “The people around me said,“ Hokuto is a good voice since I was a child. ”I said,“ I think so too. ” Kugimiya, who has been co-starring for many years, says to Sugita that she is an actress who has a great deal of trust in the play itself. "I told you exactly what Hokuto was and how he felt in the TV series. Mr. Kugimiya listened to me with a great deal of concentration. I was very happy to have Kugimiya play Hokuto's boyhood. "

(C) Project Shinkalion ・ JR-HECWK / Super Evolution Institute ・ The Movie 2019

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Sakura was also impressed, saying, "I thought," I wish I could play Rie as soon as the Shonen Hokuto visual was released. A special actress suitable for the movie version, Hayato Who can play the atmosphere of childhood and adulthood while influencing the world. When I wondered who could be in the space between space and time, only Rie came to mind. " "Even when I actually saw the play, the feeling of" Cute! I want you to come back! "Came out (laughs). There was also a part where" I guess Hayato has such feelings ". "A being created".


No3  Realization of a dialogue between Masako Nozawa and Hiroshi Kamiya for two consecutive weeks at TOKYO FM


Hiroshi Kamiya has appeared on TOKYO FM's radio program “Masako Nozawa”, which is personalized by Masako Nozawa (broadcasting every Sunday at 10:00 pm). The conversation between the two will be broadcast for two consecutive weeks on December 29, 2019 and January 5, 2008.

The show features memories of the first episode of more than 20 years ago, including Kazaya's starring work of Nozawa when he was a child, and talks about "how voice actors should be". In addition, it is said that Kamiya thought about Nozawa at the scene of the co-starring work "Gegege no Kitaro" and Nozawa's "one word" at the time of recording that Kamiya had laughed.


No4  "Shaving a beard. Picking up a high school girl."

It has been revealed that a novel "Shaving a beard and picking up a high school girl" (KADOKAWA), an animated project, that describes a dull office worker and a high school girl living together is ongoing.

In the same work, a 26-year-old salaryman Yoshida met Sayu, a high school girl who had run away from Hokkaido on the way back from a crushed boss and drowned in burnt sake. A daily love comedy that depicts her life living in a crushless manner to renew her idea of ​​saying, "I'll give you a stay."

This is a work that Shise Saba had serialized in the novel posting site "Kakuyomu" with the title "Unshaved beard or schoolgirl uniform". The paperback edition is on sale to volume 3. The total of the series exceeds 400,000. In the monthly Shonen Ace (published by KADOKAWA), comicalization is serialized.


No5  Daiki Yamashita & Nobuhiko Okamoto, the calorie of "Hiroaka" theatrical version created with bloody "screams"

Deku and the bombers fight together in front of the "villain". “My Hero Academia”, the latest movie version, “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising” (released on December 20) has made this dream come true. The original writer, Kohei Horikoshi said, "I wanted to do it in the final battle of the original" "A battle of souls" will be developed, so the main character, Itsuki Midoriya, Daiki Yamashita and rival Katsumi Bakugo The role of Nobuhiko Okamoto screamed in a 10-hour post-recording session. The two casts who literally cut their bodies and created a tremendous amount of heat reveal the after-recording behind the scenes, the "relationship between Deku and Kachan" in this work, and their mutual impression as a voice actor. In addition, after the release, "Complete Spoiler Talk" that talks about the climax battle scene will be added! After watching the movie, check them out too !! (Interview, text, shooting / editing department)

The stage of this work is Nabuto, a remote island located far south of Japan. As part of the “Next-Generation Hero Development Project”, students from the first year of A-Yuu Senior High School hero class who visited Nahojima were given an overwhelming personality by Nine and other “mysterious enemies <villains>” Stand up to protect people.

After-hours screaming for 10 hours I
could only taste the blood in my mouth (laughs)" (Yamashita)

――You are currently broadcasting the 4th term of the TV series. How was the after-recording version of the movie compared to the TV series?

In the Yamashita TV series, basically all the casts record together, but this time I and Nobuhiko, guest character Yuka Terasaki as the role of Katsushin, and Tomoyo Kurosawa as the role of Maboro-chan It was recorded in.

Okamoto: 4 hours for 10 people. That was tough.

Yamashita From morning till evening, it was recorded over a day.

Okamoto: When it came to theatrical version, the air feeling received at the site was different, and the feeling was completely different. For example, I opened the script beforehand and thought that my dialogue and calories were "Is it okay?" Deku and Kakchan scream especially this time, so the back (of the script) has written only the screaming lines. So he said, "Please bring my vocal cords" (laughs).

――Does the screaming line have a passion for the battle scene?

(C) 2019 "My Hero Academia THE MOVIE" Production Committee (C) Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha

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Yamashita: The battle scenes are all impressive. (During dubbing) It's like "I'm doing it!"

Okamoto: There was a feeling of doing it (laughs). Because it was a recording that performed while screaming for 10 hours and bleeding.

Yamashita The last person had only a taste of blood in his mouth (laughs).

Okamoto: I only tasted iron (laughs). It's not easy to keep shouting for 10 hours. But I think I was able to come up with a really wonderful work. Kaji (Yuki) -kun (as the role of Todoroki Koizumi) also said that there are not many works that make me scream as much as blood comes out. It would be a problem if there were places other than "Hiroaka" that made me do that (laughs).

Yamashita With the taste of blood, you can only taste it at the "Hiroaka" site (laughs).

Okamoto (laughs). But, on the other hand, I think it's a place where you can see actors. I'm screaming in a tattered voice saying "I have a taste of blood." But the staff, including the director, never say, "I'll do it again because my (voice) is out of shape."

Yamashita That's right. I trust them very much because they give priority to the “heart”.

What Deku and Kakchan have in common from a major battle:
"The idea may be the same" (Okamoto)

What is the "reason" for fighting together?

What is the "reason" for fighting together?

(C) 2019 "My Hero Academia THE MOVIE" Production Committee (C) Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha

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-In this work, the battle scene of "Deku & Bakugo VS Nine" will be a big highlight, how was the development that Dec and Bakugo will fight together?

Yamashita Rather than co-op, the impression is "How to achieve it because the goals are the same." In order to beat the enemy Nine of the enemy this time, it is best to fight with two people. It's just that the way to confront Nine has become a form of co-fighting.

Okamoto In this development, the four-character idiom “Kurekoshi Dofun” is exactly the case. Deku and Kachan would never be able to fight together unless they were in such a critical situation. In particular, Kachan tends to run alone. So, you were impressed by the "some scene" of the two fighting together. I got a little goose bumps.

Yamashita: It's a scene where you can connect with nature in a flow like fighting! Even without exchanging words, I think that they had the same feeling that they had to (compete) in order to win, so that could be said to be growth.

Okamoto: As I fight each other against strong opponents, I feel their growth in the flow of fighting by themselves. Above all, it's an unprecedented development, so I think it's a flow that will also affect the hearts of Hirooka fans.

――It means that it was the best solution to “nine”.

Nine standing in front of Deku & Bakugo

Nine standing in front of Deku & Bakugo

(C) 2019 "My Hero Academia THE MOVIE" Production Committee (C) Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha

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Yamashita That's right. It is the result of seeking the most efficient way to achieve the goal of defeating Nine. If you don't seek efficiency and the best, you will find somewhere else.

Okamoto: These two may be similar in seeking the best and fastest efficiency. Looking at the situation at the moment, it is like "What is the best way?" Is it rationalism or Aizawa teacherism?

Yamashita: Sure. It's the same strategy as you would expect.

Okamoto: The idea may be the same.

――In that sense, it was a battle where the growth of the two could be seen.

Yamashita: In terms of growth, it applies to everyone in Group A for one year. Because of my various experiences so far, this time, I'm showing you how to use the “individuality” and the combination that suits your breath.

――In this work, the professional hero Yuhide's teacher did not accompany him, so he worked only with students, so it was impressive that all the members of Group A were heroes, not students.

This year, all students in class A will grow

This year, all students in class A will grow

(C) 2019 "My Hero Academia THE MOVIE" Production Committee (C) Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha

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Yamashita The islanders call them “heroes” rather than students. That's why in the first year everyone in Group A was conscious of the movements that matched their title of “hero,” and always acted with strong feelings and a sense of responsibility in their hearts. Everyone looked shining as a hero and thought it was wonderful.

Okamoto: I just want to say one thing personally ... teachers, look somewhere (laughs). "Hey, Principal! You're causing a lot of trouble, Yuei!"

Yamashita: "I'm gonna do this again!"

Are Daiki Yamashita & Nobuhiko Okamoto a close relationship with each other?
"I feel like I was watching Daiki-kun's growth" "I've been watching Nobuhiko for a long time (laughs)"

――In “Hiroaka,” you play characters related to rivals, but how about each other's impression as an actor?

(C) 2019 "My Hero Academia THE MOVIE" Production Committee (C) Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha

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Okamoto: I've known Daiki-kun (actor as a voice actor) since the early days, so I feel like I've always seen growth. I think there are many types of actors, but I think Daiki-kun is a type that clearly presents what she wants to do, a type of actor who can see myself, "I want to do this." As I experienced various worksites, I was wondering if those parts would become more and more round. That is wonderful. I think it's important for an actor to be able to discuss and appeal to them that they are such a product.

Yamashita (I'm really shy) You're really watching! Look at it and say it! (Laughs) Nobuhiko-san is great at observing. I think that the range of roles is extremely wide because it is seen and absorbed by various people. Because there are some mysterious parts that are unknown, I am also worried about "What kind of person, this person !?" That's why I've been watching Nobuhiko all the time, like Deku has been doing (laughs).

(C) 2019 "My Hero Academia THE MOVIE" Production Committee (C) Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha

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――Based on your impression as an actor, do you think there is any part that leads to “Daiki Yamashita and Deku” and “Nobuhiko Okamoto and Bakugo”?

Yamashita In general, I don't think Nobuhiko can find anything in common with Katsuchan.

Okamoto: I haven't even thought about it (in common). It's frustrating, but I've never said "I'm dead!"

Yamashita: Perhaps the way of (emotional) divergence is different from Ka-chan (laughs).

Okamoto: My voice is far from ka-chan (laughs), but despite the fact that there are many types of actors, I still feel that the role of deku is perfect for Daiki-kun. I guess it was the voice everyone had envisioned.

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