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`` Summer Wars '' 2020 version desktop calendar released


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of Mamoru Hosoda's feature animation "Summer Wars," a 2020 desktop calendar has been released.

This product uses 12 new illustrations drawn by Hiroyuki Aoyama, the director of drawing for Summer Wars. In January, the avatars enjoy mochi-tsuki, and in July, the hero Kenji and the heroine Natsuki frolic in the sea. The price is 1320 yen (including tax), and it is on sale at Nippon Teleya web studio map SHOP ( http://www.ntv.co.jp/shopping/studio-chizu/ ) and Nippon Television Shiodome & Tokyo Station store.

Beginning with this goods development, the “Summer Wars” 10th anniversary project “UP DATE” is in progress, and the “Summer Wars” 4DX screening that allows you to experience the virtual space OZ being created is January 17, 20th And a collaboration screening with the Kawasaki Brave Sanders of the domestic men's professional basketball league "B.LEAGUE (B-League)" ( https://kawasaki-bravethunders.com/news/detail/id=15638 ) I have.


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