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Yonago Gainax's slightly mysterious hero short animation "Gainatamagar" is now available!


A short animation "Gainatamamagar" produced by Yonago Gainax, which started with crowdfunding, produced a pilot version, and finally started producing the main part!
The first episode started distribution on Wednesday, December 25, 2019!

The short animation "Gaina Tamagar" is planned to be 13 episodes in one episode = 4 minutes (so-called 5 minutes animation), produced by "Yonago Gainax" active in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture, and Yonago Gainax Representative Director Director Takami Akai ("Princess Maker," "Yagi Daija no Counterattack," "Large Special Effects Negima," "Gurren Lagann," etc.) is the director of the "Movie Incidents" executive committee.

The way of making is unique, adopting Presco instead of post-recording, recording the play of the voice actor first, and then finishing the picture according to it, exactly like "Natsuzora" (when I was talking about a feature film) A familiar approach is taken.
In addition, the background music is also luxurious, like the nostalgic “Tom and Jerry”, which is composed after the screen is completed. Therefore, the BGM is 13 songs for all 13 episodes. 

The stage of "Gainatamamaga" is "Planetary Neotellar", which is 12.5 light years away in the future one thousand years later. The story of a star that resembles the Earth but is completely different (Earth is gone).
The activity of Taro, a boy who has been given the power of the superhero "Gainaman" from the mysterious life form "Tamagar" is depicted.
What is Tamagar's purpose? And how about the mysterious girl Ai-chan and the baby boy?

It's a little mysterious and fun, so let's take a look!

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■ Yonago Gainax Official Website: https://yonago-gainax.co.jp/
■ Anime "Gainatamamager" Official Twitter: @gainatamager

* Chinami ni Hero "Gainaman" is a mascot character of Tottori's soccer team "Gainale Tottori", and the design is designed by Takami Akai. However, this animation is an original work that has nothing to do with soccer.

Episode 1 "Gainaman Birth"

Tallow: Momoko Takami
Hanako: Asuka Nakajima
Mama: Kumiko Fukahori
Tamagar: Kenjiro Kanetsuki Yagiyaya
Akihiro Yoshida
Aichan: Aino Kuronaga (Momotama X)
Lucky Boy: Miyako Hashimoto

<Staff >
Director / Character Design: Takami Akai
Gainaman Original Character: High and Small Warrior Gainaman / SC Tottori
Screenplay: Takami Akai
Animation: Takami Akai
Art: Kiyoshi Takenaka Art: Jun Tamaya
Music: Aso Misato Soundtrack recorded at Limoges FRANCE
theme song : Handsome Kenya and

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