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Asuna, pinch to enemy's tactics ... Published the latest episode 12 scene cut of "SAO"


The latest chapter of the popular TV anime series "Sword Art Online" series "Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld" Episode 12 "Straight Light" scene cut has been released.

[Image] Alice is rescued by Asuna's pinch! In

 this eight-cut scene , the main character, Kirito, dive into a virtual world with a magnificent fantasy taste, wandering in search of clues while the memory immediately before login is awkward. The latest chapter features a story that has been half a year since Kirito, Eugeo and Alice have defeated the Supreme Priest and Administrator.

 In episode 12, real-world U.S. players who were given accounts of dark knights by Gabriel's ploy logged in to `` underworld '' one after another, `` artificial fructolite '' without regard for the human army and dark forces Killing us. Asuna realizes they are a player who has logged in from the real world, and desperately tries to stop. Iskarn, who saw it from the other side, was angry at the emperor who was indifferent to the death of his companion.

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