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"Ojamajo Doremi" Fair at 9 Kiddy Lands nationwide.


Fair for selling goods of the Ojamajo Doremi series, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019, will be held until January 10, 20 It is being held at nine Kiddy Land stores nationwide.

At the store, you can buy a limited number of original art can badges (5 types / 400 yen each) and ema (818 yen), depicting witch apprentices in the kiho-style spring breeze Doremi MAHO Hall. Sket case (all 2 types / 1800 yen each), character box (5000 yen), deca smartphone stand (2800 yen), decachara mirror (2 types / 800 yen each), acrylic key holder (5 types / 818 yen each) Pre-sale such as is also performed. If you purchase more than 1,500 yen for related products, you can get one "Original postcard" as a gift card.

Held stores: Harajuku store in Tokyo, LaLaport Fujimi store in Saitama, Musashikosugi store in Kanagawa, Musashikosugi store in Aichi, Ueodai store in Aichi, Otaka store, LaLaport EXPOCITY store in Osaka, Umeda store in Osaka, Kyoto Shijo Kawaramachi store, Oita Amu plaza Oita store.

The `` Ojamajo Doremi '' series is the training of Doremi who has been turned into a witch apprentice in order to take responsibility for turning into a frog by seeing the identity of the hostess Majolica of a mysterious shop called MAHO Hall Animation depicting the days. On May 15, 2008, three new protagonists from different backgrounds will be traveling together to announce the 20th anniversary animated theater animation "Find a Witch Apprentice".


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