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Anime "Nintama" Original Manga Ends in 33 Years History


The gag manga "Rakutaro Ninja Rantaro" (author: Amago Sobei), based on the popular anime "Nintama Rantaro", has finished its series in the Asahi Elementary School Newspaper on today's 28th, ending its 33-year history. Also, once a month from next April, the Asahi Elementary School Newspaper has revealed that a new series in which Rantaro and others convey the fun of classics, such as "The Story of the Past and the Past" and "The Story of Uji's Recovery," will be launched. .

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This is a gag story where ninja eggs, such as Rantaro, Kiririmaru and Shinbe, who entered the Ninjutsu Academy aiming to become a first-class ninja, create a slapstick play. Beginning in January 1986, the Asahi Elementary School Newspaper serialized six months out of a year at a pace of six days a week, and the cumulative number of comic series published exceeded 9.4 million in 65 volumes. TV animation started on NHK in 1993 and became a popular work with various media mixes such as live-action movies and musicals.

The end of the series was triggered by the author, Amako, who developed a stroke in January this year. Postponed the serialization of Part 64, which was scheduled to start in April, and devoted himself to rehabilitation, and the editorial department hoped to return and switched to `` masterpiece selection '' and continued serializing, but Amako said that `` daily serialization is difficult '' It ended with respect to his judgment. Mr. Amako's recovery is on track, and a new series of Rakutaro Ninja Rantaro characters will begin on a monthly basis starting next April.

The story itself was completed with 65 volumes of comics released on November 30, and what had been serialized in the Asahi Elementary School Newspaper until today 28th, the past story was again published as "masterpiece selection". The Asahi Elementary School Newspaper on the 31st will feature a cover of the final volume of comics, as well as special features introducing the voices of the first editors and those involved in the animation.

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