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"Shaving a beard. Picking up a high school girl."



It has been revealed that a novel "Shaving a beard and picking up a high school girl" (KADOKAWA), an animated project, that describes a dull office worker and a high school girl living together is ongoing.

In the same work, a 26-year-old salaryman Yoshida met Sayu, a high school girl who had run away from Hokkaido on the way back from a crushed boss and drowned in burnt sake. A daily love comedy that depicts her life living in a crushless manner to renew her idea of ​​saying, "I'll give you a stay."

This is a work that Shise Saba had serialized in the novel posting site "Kakuyomu" with the title "Unshaved beard or schoolgirl uniform". The paperback edition is on sale to volume 3. The total of the series exceeds 400,000. In the monthly Shonen Ace (published by KADOKAWA), comicalization is serialized.


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