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Shinkansen Deformation Robot Shinkalion The Movie: God Speed ​​ALFA-X from the Future


Start time:2019Screening start date:December 27, 2019
Production company:OLMGenre:robot

Voice actor: Ayane Sakura , Manami Numakura , Rie Murakawa , Kei Shindo , Ayana Taketatsu , Tomokazu Sugita , heaven Amemiya , Ueda Yuji , Koichi Yamadera , Rie Kugimiya , Kentaro Ito , Yoshida HaganeTaro

staff: Director: Takahiro Ikezoe, Screenplay: Kento Shimoyama, Character Design ... View All

New enemies, Nahane, Ohanev and mysterious giant monsters have appeared from space to steal the earth! All of this is at the heart of “Shinkarion ALFA-X,” which was secretly being developed by the Institute for Super Evolution. ? The battle of Hayato et al. , who had spent peaceful days, will begin again-! ! Hayat is unable to hide his anxiety because his father, Hokuto, is lost due to a sudden enemy attack. What appeared there was "9-year-old Hokuto" who came across time and space! , who has slipped back in time wrapped in particles of light, wants to become a driver of the completed “Shinkarion ALFA-X” that combines the latest technologies to protect the earth and return to the original world. To make up one's mind. With two people thought, it was gathered from Hokkaido Branch Yamagata Branch Omiya Branch, Nagoya Branch, Kyoto Branch, Moji branch

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