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TV anime "Shadowverse" will start broadcasting from April 2020!


From the official smartphone card battle `` Shadowverse (Shadowverse) '' which has been decided to be animated into TV animation, in addition to the first PV, introduction, story, character, cast information, on April 6, 2020 on TV Tokyo affiliated 6 stations net It was announced that it would be broadcast.

The popular game title "Shadowverse" presented by Cygames is a digital TCG (Trading Card Game) that can be played on smartphones and started distribution in June 2016. As of 2019, nine languages ​​including Japanese have been released to the world, and the cumulative downloads have exceeded 21 million. Utilizing the high level of competitiveness, it is a hot title that has entered the e-sports scene, such as holding a world championship with a winning prize of 110 million yen and establishing a professional league. TV animation has been announced, and at the same time as the TV animation announcement, the teaser visual has been lifted.
⇒ Real Smartphone Card Battle "Shadowverse" TV animation decided! The teaser visuals and production staff have also been lifted !!

This time, in addition to the first PV, introduction, story, characters, and cast information, it has been lifted to be broadcast on TV Tokyo affiliated 6 stations net from April 2020.

This work, unlike the original with a dark fantasy worldview, develops the story with a completely original story.

In the first PV announced this time, anime original characters appeared and powerful battle scenes were drawn, but familiar cards also appeared in Shadow Bath and the original fans became hot.

And the cast information was released.
Taketo Kajiwara is the main character of Ryugasaki Hilo, Junya Enoki is the rival of Lucia Natsuki, and Kaede Hondo is the heroine of Amimiya Mimori.
Other characters will be played by Aoi Kurobane, Yui Ogura, Kazuki Shindo, Jun Taya, Kai Ijuin, Atsumi Tanezaki, and Maura Abelardo, Yuichi Iguchi. The cast comment has arrived and will be introduced together.


[Comment introduction]

■ Takehito Kajiwara (as Ryugasaki Hiiro)

I love the characters who are so bright like Hiiro myself, so when I heard that it was decided, I was delighted to exchange a high touch with the manager who told me the result! (Laughs)
I'm a very energetic character myself, so I'll do my best to share the fun and the spirit of Shadova with everyone watching! !
A lot of anime original cards, including cards already appearing in the application, have appeared, and a powerful battle unique to animation will be developed, so those who have been playing Shadova for a long time and those who are new to Shadova will be able to enjoy it I think it's content! ! In addition, the children who play Shadova in the film are mostly junior high school students, including Hiiro! I would be very happy if the people of the same age as the heroes could learn about the fun of Shadova through animation! !

■ Junya Enoki (the role of Lucia Yunazuki)

Lucia has a cool personality, but is a character with complicated emotions swirling inside. I myself want to do my best to express Lucia's not just cool parts.
A hot battle will be held around Hiiro, so please look forward to it!

■ Kaede Hondo (the role of Mimori Amamiya)

I didn't think I would accept it, so I was happy and took a guts pose!
Not only the fun of Shadova, the power of the hot battle scene, but also the conversation through Shadova is a wonderful work! If you haven't played Shadova yet, please take a look!

■ Yui Ogura (Alice Kurobane)

I was very happy because I thought I wanted to play! Even though she is an idol, she is a girl who has conflicts and complicated feelings as a girl, so she wants to record it so that she can draw her delicate feelings. The hot battle scene where the souls of the characters collide is a must-see for every episode!

■ Seed 﨑 Atsumi (as Ikaiin Kai)

Kai-kun was so cute in appearance and personality that he could play a gutsy boy more than anything else ... I was really happy when I heard that it was decided. Not only the hot battle of each episode, but also the relationships and changes of the characters, their thoughts on Shadova, and lots of highlights!
I would be glad if you enjoyed Shadova as well as those who have never touched it!


■ Taya Jun (as Kazuki Shindo)

I remember it was the platform of the station that got the decision call. I was very happy but it was a public place so I couldn't make a loud voice, and I was ashamed to realize that my manager was happy over the phone, so I was totally expressionless. But whether the body was wanted to express the joy, was not scattered twist and Gunegune the body like the avant-garde creative dance, Don argument to not
fit is that station staff and the eyes, line from the train, which came immediately after the home I was warned whether I was mistaken for a drunk that was about to fall. The highlight is my acting, which grew up as an actor using this experience as a spring. Thank you

■ Yuichi Iguchi (Maura Abelardo)

I was happy and anxious at the same time. It seems that the individuality of my voice has ephemeralness and kindness that oozes out, but Maura felt the darkness behind the smile, so I decided to take time to make a role carefully so that the nuance comes out Was.
The highlight is the development where the situation is turned over every turn unique to Shadova!
It is very fun to be able to play a character who is not only Ikki and Ikki. You can enjoy it without knowing the rules, so please take a look!

■ First PV

[Work information]
■ TV animation "Shadow Bath"

<Broadcast information>
Broadcasting starts on April 6, 2020 on TV Tokyo affiliated stations.


Full-scale smartphone card battle "Shadowverse" is finally animated with completely original characters and original story!
This spring, "Shadova" will heat you!

Tenryo (read: Tensei), a boy who goes to school, Ryugasaki Hiiro, gets a mysterious smartphone because of the occasion.
In the smartphone, the popular digital card game "Shadow Bath", commonly known as Shadova, was installed!
Meet rivals, challenge the tournament, bond with friends.
The various experiences gained through Shadova will "evolve" Hiiro.

Director: Keiichiro Kawaguchi
Series composition: Rintaro Isozaki, Deko Akao
Character draft: Punzu, Souji Kukata
Character design: Daiki Harada
Sub-character design: Yasunari Nitta
Follower design chief: Daisuke Kitagawa
Battle concept design: Seshiro Nagaya
Prop Design: Yoshinori Iwanaga
Color Design: Naoko Sato, Nana Shinachi
Art Director: Kuniaki Nemoto
Art Setting: Nobuto Sue, Shuhei Tada
Special Effects: Team Taniguchi
Monitor Graphics: flapper3
3DCG Director: Takahiro Kamiya (Ira Laboratory) ), river valleys Keisuke (DEEN digital)
Director of photography: Asakawa ShigeruTeru
eDIT: Daisuke Hiraki
acoustic Director: Iida Satoju
Music: Yoshihiro Ike
sound production: Sonirudo
animation production: ZEXCS

Ryugasaki Hiiro: Kajiwara Takehito
Night Natsuki Lucia: Enoki Junya
Tengu Shrine Mimori: Hondo Kaede
Kurobane Alice: Kokura Yui
Shindo Kazuki: Taya Junii Shuin
Kai: Taneji Atsumi
Maura Abelard: Iguchi Yuichi

[Game Information]
■ "
Shadowverse Title: Shadowverse
Distribution start date:
iOS version, Google Play version June 17,
2016 DMM GAMES version August 22,
2016 Steam version October 28, 2016
Development and operation: Stock Company Cygames

<Required environment>
-Smartphone version: iOS9.0 or later, Android4.1 or later
-DMM GAMES version, Steam version: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (32-bit, 64-bit), OS X 10.9 or higher

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