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12/29 (Sun) 25 o'clock "New animation" Overflow "


From 25 o'clock on Sunday, December 29, 2019, it has been decided that TOKYO MX will be broadcasting "New anime" Obber Fropo "special program-first appearance video, older brother?"

ComicFesta's new January 2020 cool “Obber Fro ぉ” is a popular girl comic “Obber Fro ぉ – a sister's kiss that overflows when inserted” ( Original: Kaizuzu) TV animation work. A life-size youth romantic comedy that depicts the secret love of sisters from close friends to their childhood brother. From January 5, 2020 (Sun), the regular short animation will be broadcast on TOKYO MX.
⇒ The new "ComicFesta Animation" broadcast in January 2020 will be decided on "Ob-Flo", which has attracted attention on web advertising!

This time, the special program of "OberFlo", which will be launched from January 5th, "New anime" OberFloo "special program-First appearance video, older brother?" Will be available at TOKYO MX 2019 It was decided to be broadcast from 25:00 on December 29 (Sun).

You can listen to the narration of Kotone Shirakawa (cv. Kyoko Mitsu) along with the animation video of the first public release, so please check it out.

[Broadcast information] ■ "New anime" Obber Fropo "special program-
First appearance video, older brother?


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