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News "9" selection that looks back on the 2D idol content world of 2019!


2019 is coming to an end. This year, the two-dimensional idol content such as the "Idol Master" and "Love Live!" At the end of the Heisei era, we will introduce the news of idols who represent the beginning of Reiwa, focusing on works for men.

1. “Imus”, “Love Live!” And “Aikatsu!” Gather at Tokyo Dome!

⇒ Takanori Nishikawa, FLOW, "Tales of" and "Imus" gather at Tokyo Dome! "Bandai Namco Entertainment Festival" DAY1 report
⇒ "Imus", "Love Live!", "Aikatsu!" "Bandai Namco Entertainment Festival" DAY2, Rich Long Report!
An indispensable event to look back on 2019, focusing on idol works, was the Bandai Namco Entertainment Festival held at Tokyo Dome from October 19th to 20th. Especially on DAY2, "Idol Master 765 Pro All Stars", "Idol Master Cinderella Girls", "Idol Master Million Live! Million Stars", "Idol Master Shiny Colors", "Idol Master XENOGLOSSIA", "Aikatsu!", "Aikatsu Stars!" Cast and theme song artists from idol works such as "Katsu Friends!", "Aikatsu On Parade!", "Love Live! Sunshine !!" (Guilty Kiss). "Idol Master SideM" also appeared on DAY1, and it became a live like the 2019 Idol Content Summit.


While “Imus” and “Aikatsu!” Introduced many works that encompass the history of the work, “Love Live! Sunshine !!” includes works by Rikako Aida, Aika Kobayashi, and Aina Suzuki. Only the unit “Guilty Kiss” participated. But do not think that only three people. Guilty Kiss performed six unit songs in a row, showing off their abilities and worldview, exposing the dome's attention and topic. Guilty Kiss and the “Aikatsu!” Series were dome performances that showed a great presence, but the foundation of its success was the “Idol Master” live team “THE IDOLM @ STER M @ STERS OF IDOL WORLD !!” and “ I think that it has been a great accumulation of know-how for live performances where idols from different generations and generations appear at events such as "THE IDOLM @ STER 765 MILLIONSTARS HOTCHPOTCH FESTIV @ L !!" It was a dream-like space where fans of each work praised each other's content after the show.


2. Voice actor unit "Wake Up, Girls!"

⇒ [Wake Up, Girls! FINAL LIVE-Parade of Memories-Report] The day when Saitama Super Arena was wrapped in great love-the last live of thanksgiving, tears and a smile! 

The voice actor unit “Wake Up, Girls!” Born from the anime “Wake Up, Girls!” Has finished its activities on March 8 at the Saitama Super Arena performance “Wake Up, Girls! did. Wake Up, Girls! Selected newcomers who have not yet experienced voice actors from all over Japan at the “avex × 81produce Wake Up, Girls! AUDITION” held in 2012. It was a very new and original project, in which the seven members were given the same name and sound as the anime characters, and the actual seven members also worked as units.


The end of their unit activity was announced in June 2018. Approximately nine months later, after a final tour of the various lands including the members' hometowns, they reached the stage of the Saitama Super Arena alone, a dream that had long been a dream.


In recent years, many idol works and units have been born and come to an end. Application games have a milestone of "end of service", but most of the units that originate from works are quietly faded out and forgotten. For nearly a year, Wake Up, Girls are ready for that moment, burning completely on a last-seeing tour! I think that Wagner's (fan) 's last was a happy parting.


3 ◆ “Shanimath” first live and Straylight appearance

I felt strongly that there would be a start if there was an end, "THE IDOLM @ STER SHINY COLORS 1stLIVE" held on March 9th and 10th. A stage where 4 new units and 16 new idols stand for the first time. The place was the Maihama Amphitheater where the seniors of "Idol Master Cinderella Girls" performed their first live five years ago.


As you can see from the date, this day, Wake Up, Girls! The day after the final. First of all, there are many people who thanked God that these two live dates did not overlap. It was a stage filled with hopes for the future of the idols who are about to run. On DAY2, the new unit "Straylight" was announced. It's a bit incredible that First Live and Straylight were just nine months old, but it's a dense year. These idols are able to realize that they are growing every time they watch.


Μ's restart on 4th / 9th anniversary year

⇒ "The name of μ's is listed in SSA is chest Atsu!" The role of Honoka Kosaka and Emi Nitta are also excited about "Love Live!" 

Μ's has pioneered a new frontier of idols born from two dimensions, such as appearing in the Red and White Singing Battle in 2015 as a unit originating from “Love Live!”. The last one-man live held at Tokyo Dome, “Love Live μ's Final LoveLive! The three years seemed long and short. Nine people who left the words "We're always μ's" at the dome have finally started a full-scale restart this year for the 9th anniversary year.


What impressed me this year was the exchange of three units: μ's, Aqours, and Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club. In commemoration of the 9th anniversary, “Love Live! Series All Night Nippon GOLD” started. It was a new sight of "Love Live!" That members of Aqours and Nijigasaki appeared one after another in programs where Emi Nitta and Aozora Tokui acted as personalities.


Also, the rising star Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club has been rapidly accelerating with the release of the smartphone app "Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS" and the announcement of TV animation at the first live. Look out for the "Love Live!" Opening at the "Love Live! Fes" held at the Saitama Super Arena and the move toward the 10th anniversary.


5 “Chisarah Kisaragi” appears in Anisama 2019

 ⇒ record and memory that it was marked in Anisama "blue bird / Kisaragi Chihaya" ── "Animelo Summer Live 2019 -Story-" DAY1 attractions & report

Chihaya Kisaragi from the "Idol Master" series appeared on DAY1 of "Animelo Summer Live 2019 -STORY-" (Anisama) held at Saitama Super Arena from August 30 to September 1. The voice actor, Chihaya Kisaragi, Asami Imai was on stage. Accompaniment was performed by the pianist Duke of Pianito.


The exception to this was that Chihaya sang on stage only with the “Blue Bird”. There is no doubt that "Blue Bird" is a representative song of Chihaya Kisaragi, but the first appearance of this song (with official service) is the arcade version "Idol Master" released in July 2005. It is very unusual to sing a song 14 years ago (with current content) on its own, since the appearance of a large festival usually also has the purpose of promoting the work or artist.


Second, the appearance of Chihaya Kisaragi was a secret that was not officially released in advance. I'm singing a song from 14 years ago where I don't know how many fans of the work, so it's going to be a stomach ache.


But it's not a publicity of the work in reverse, but the Anisama team sought an artist called "Chihaya Kisaragi", a conviction that the expression of Chihaya and the Duke could reach even those who had no background. It is also a proof of. Not only the notation in the live video, but also the MC on the stage (CV: Asami Imai) is the "Chisarah Kisaragi" without the notation. It was a time when voice actors themselves wanted to think about the meaning and wonder of singing as an idol on the stage, even when stereoscopic projection of the idol on the stage was not a dream.


6 ◆ Beyond the service ended game / “Tokimeki Idol” “Idol Connect”

Konami's idol game application "Tokimeki Idol" has reached its service end on January 15, 2019. The service will start on March 20, 2018, so it can be said that it will end too soon. However, the content of “Tokimeki Idol” has not completely ended. An "offline version" that can be played without communication has been released, and a live event titled "Tokimeki Challenge-Sing! Tokimeki Idol" is still regularly held.


Even after the end of the game service of the main unit, the style of searching for the survival of the contents through live and CDs ... I remember the title "Idol Connect-AsteriskLive-" which ended the service in 2016. The work was made in good faith and received high praise mainly for songs and scenarios. It was quite shocking that it was forced to end the service in just three months. As for "Idol Connect", we released "Idol Connect -AsteriskLive- ADV Edition" which allows you to enjoy this work offline. In October 2019, three years after the end of the service, resale of related CD albums on pixivBOOTH and online radio started and became a topic in some places.


When launching new content, a work that may become a big business will move a lot of people and budget. However, it is not hard to imagine that there are many restrictions on the development and publicity of closed works toward closing. In that situation, if the people concerned thought of the driving force to "go" to connect the work and the existence of the characters and songs that were instilled in life, it was not just love for the work and our children anymore I guess.


7 ◆ 7 new idols appear in “Cinderella Girls”!

In the past year, seven idols have been newly added to the "Idol Master Cinderella Girls" series: Akari Tsujino, Akira Sunazuka, Riamu Yumemi, Chitose Kurosaki, Chiya Shirayuki, Nagi Hisakawa and Satoru Hisakawa. Akari Tsujino appeared at the end of 2018). Especially with regard to dream dreaming, I think that he jumped out of the Eyemouth area and became one of the leading characters in 2019.


Since the service started in 2011, "Cinderella Girls" has continuously added new characters. The difference between these seven people and the addition of new idols is a big announcement in the live `` THE IDOLM @ STER CINDERELLA GIRLS 6th LIVE MERRY-GO-ROUNDOME !!! '' held in December 2018 And it was clear from this point that the new idols would be one of the pillars of 2019's development. At the time of this writing, five out of seven characters had voice actors in charge, and Nagi Hisakawa and Satoru Hisakawa were performing live.


I think that there are pros and cons to the introduction of seven people who are strong as camphor agents, but even if you look at the situation where you get a voice with the boost of the "8th Cinderella Girl General Election" voting result, No doubt it was a big topic. Even recently, LiPPS's NHK "Shibuyaoto" appearance has swept the topic of Twitter, and collaborated with artist "Yuzu". After all, "Cinderella" is an excellent impression of providing topics that involve a wide range of people, and it is likely that "Cinderella Girls" will continue to be the center of the topic in the neighborhood in 2020.


8 ◆ "Tokyo 7th Sisters", the next course is the future?


"Tokyo 7th Sisters" has a strong reputation as the leader of two-dimensional idol works hitting with songs and scenarios. One of the charms is the double structure where the "present" in 2034 and the former legendary unit Sevens Sisters play an active part, and fragments of the "past" story that eventually lead to dissolution are intersected.

In the 2019 `` Tokyo 7th Sisters '', through a new chapter `` EPISODE 4.0 AXiS '' and `` EPISODE 0.7-Melt in the Snow '', various approaches will shed light on the legendary existence, Seventh Sisters and the world surrounding them I went.


This time, I thought I would write about the idea that the same voice actor and the same composer (kz) as the Seventh Sisters would be in charge of the unit AXiS as if the Seventh was reversed, and the impact of the AXiS assault ... However, surprising news came in at the end of the year.


On December 26, the opening of a new chapter "EPISODE 5.0 -Fall in Love-" was announced on the official "Tokyo 7th Sisters" Twitter. Starting on January 9, 2020, all 6 episodes. The content describes the future of Nanasta, and it appears that the idols have grown up. The motif, such as the feeling that is passed down over a long time, was also drawn in the short animation "t7s Longing for summer Again And Again-Harkaze-", but the future figure and story of Nanasta members are drawn directly I think this is the first attempt.


In 2019, the past may have been drawn to the future. It is noteworthy what Nanashis, who has been creating a story while intermingling the past and the present, draws in the future.

9 Start of the last big idol project "IDOLY PRIDE"

⇒ media mix project "IDOLY PRIDE" is a single event held decision of TV animation production & 2020 May 10 days!

Although many two-dimensional idol contents continue to be born in 2019, "IDOLY PRIDE" started on November 27 at the end of the year. This is an idol project with straight edge, a writer's agent company centered on music rain of the voice actor office and light novel together with the cyber agent group.


On December 9th, we performed the "1st IDOLY PRIDE Information Ban Special Live Broadcast" on AbemaTV, and I thought it was good to be the third generation of Music Rain (Sata Aikawa, Miki Tachibana, here Natsume Natsume) , Mika Hyuga and Koharu Miyazawa) have made the announcement at this timing. Perhaps many people came to this program with an interest in the new generation following the first-generation Sphere and the second-generation TrySail. It is hard to get individual members to remember with new content that has many newcomers, but at that time, the entanglement and relationship with seniors that everyone knows is a big hook.


QP: This is a project with gorgeous names such as flapper, Tokita Hanada and Tatsuya Takahashi, but what I want to focus on this time is the music. As a trend of idol content in 2019, Tomoya Tabuchi works on Le ☆ S ☆ Ca songs at `` Nanasys '', Shigeru Saito, Yohei Kisara, Akihiro Tomita on each unit of `` IDOL Mai SHOW '' The styles that put the name and personality of the creator on the forefront have increased, as have been produced by leading producers.


"IDOLY PRIDE" includes Masayoshi Oishi, Reiji Okii (TWEEDEES), Katsushi Kitagawa (ROUND TABLE), Yuu Sakai, Hidekazu Tanaka (MONACA), Yankin, kz (livetune), Q-MHz , Wicky.Recordings, a music creator group that can only be heard and heard.


In the idol content industry today, "Imus" and "Love Live!" Are overwhelmingly strong, and since both series have introduced new titles, fighting late is a harder world than expected. When I figured out what was necessary for a new title to fight, I realized that "IDOLY PRIDE" brought together as many materials as I thought would not be more. The content has only just begun and details will be forthcoming, but it seems to be sure that it is a work that has some foresight.


So far, we have introduced the events around the idol content that took place in 2019. Did you have any favorite content? I look forward to seeing what idols will show you in 2020.


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