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3rd Pretty Cure gathers, "Mysterious day with everyone!"


Since the series was released in 2004, the Precure series has been very popular among girls. The latest version of the movie, "The Movie Pretty Cure Miracle Leap, A Mysterious Day with Everyone," has been decided to be released nationwide on March 20, 2020 (holiday and Friday).

This is a theatrical work depicting Pretty Cure trapped in "Today's World" and breaking out of "A World Where Tomorrow Will Never Come". The latest in the Pretty Cure series, the 17th installment of "Healing Do Pretty", Hanadera Noka (Cure Grace, CV. Yuuki Aoi), Sawaizumi Chiyu (Cure Fontaine, CV. Natsuda Yoda), Hinata Hiramitsu (Cure Sparkle, CV. Hiyori Kono), as well as the 16th generation of “Star ☆ Twinkle Precure” and the 15th edition of “HUG!

Directed by Toshinori Fukasawa, the series director of the anime "One Piece", and written by Isao Murayama, who has been working on the Pretty Cure series from "Pretty Cure Splash Star" to the present.

■ Notice video In
addition, the notice video was also lifted. Can Pretty Cure go with everyone tomorrow? It is a video that can not be helped without expecting the development of harassment and pounding.

■ Visitor Presents
Furthermore, the presents for visitors are ““ Anytime together! * "Mirakurun light" was decided. "Mirakurun light" is an item used by the original character "Mirakurun" who controls "Tomorrow", the original character appearing in this work.

** is a flower mark

* Limited to children under junior high school students.
* The design may be different from the real one.
* The number is limited depending on the theater.

[Movie information]
■ "Movie Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: A Mysterious Day with Everyone" 

- Publication Date: 2020 March 20, nationwide roadshow

Aoi Yūki / Yoda summer  /  Kono Hiyori  /  Ai Kakuma  /  Hana Takeda  /  Aki Kanada  /  Haruka Shiraishi  /  Emi Naruse  /  Yoshimi Ohara  /  Kiyono Yasuno  /  Komatsu Mikako  /  Sumire UESAKA  /  Kino Nichina  /  Hiroyuki Yoshino  / 引坂Rie  /  Hon'izumi Rina  /  Yui Ogura  /  Nao Tamura  /  Yukari Tamura  /  Konomi Tada  /  Junko Noda  /  Jun Fukushima

original: Izumi Todo
Director: Toshinori Fukasawa
Screenplay: Isao Murayama
Music: Shiho Terada
Character design and drawing director: Nishiki Itaoka
Art director: Yoshito Watanabe
CG director: Yusuke Osone
Color design: Yoshiko Sakuma
Director of photography: Kenji Takahashi
Production charge: Yoshifumi Horikoshi

<advance ticket>
Release date: February 10, 2020 ( Sat)
Price: 1,400 yen for general, 900 yen for children (over 3 years old)

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