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Ah ^ ~ My heart is hopping! Mayu Uchida's birthday anniversary


Today is the birthday of Mayu Uchida, a popular voice actor who plays an active part both as a voice actor and a singer, as well as in live-action video works and commercials! So, Akiba Research Institute held "Mari Uchida's birthday just before birthday! Uchida-san played a popular character from 1900 votes, which was voted from December 20 to 25.

Mr. Uchida officially started his voice actor activities in 2010, and will celebrate his 10th anniversary in 2020. There have been so many characters played before this anniversary just before this year, from the protagonist class characters to the sub-characters that solidify their sides. There is a wide variety from pretty little girls to cool boy characters.

The results of this voting project, with 73 characters entered, are as follows.


I want to fall in love with the

1st two diseases! (Kotori Yuka) 516 votes

2nd  promised Neverland (Norman) 160 votes

3rd  Is the order a rabbit? (Sharo) 139 votes

4th Noragami (Hiyori Iki) 123 votes

5th  I have a twin tail. (Tour / Masked Twin Tail) 65 votes

6th YU-NO, a girl singing love at the end of the world (Kana Hatano) 62 votes

Is it wrong to ask for a dungeon in 7th place (Lilirka Ade)? 59

8th  MIX (Tachibana Otomi) 55 votes

9th  jewelry country (Red beryl) 53 votes

10th  Youth pig guy series (Toyohama Nodoka ) 48 votes


The first prize is Rokka Yutori, who wants to fall in love with Chu-Nii Disease, as if he embodies the heroine of Chu-Nii Disease . Mr. Uchida was a character who was irresistible to the gap of the expression of the elementary expression that looked into the face at the moment of the moment while making a character with the middle two diseases as `` clicking ... '' You can see his skill as a voice actor. Both her name and reality are her representative characters, and she can be said to have succeeded.

Personally, I think the attractiveness of Uchida's acting is "the gap between the characters he usually shows and the obscure back face."

In that sense, 6th place " Is it wrong to seek dungeon encounters? " Rilirka Ade , and 10th place " Seishun Butarou series " Toyohama may be this genealogy. At first glance, all the scenes in which the gap of being a bullish or evil life-size girl who appears to be evil appear. Really subtle acting that cannot be called tsundere gives depth to each work.


Norman , the second-placed " Neverland promised " in terms of skill, cannot be overlooked. This is a strategist boy, a character that can't be helped. He is a boy character and has mature thoughts, but he also feels danger of age. I want to applaud Mr. Uchida who played Norman with such a variety of charms and elements.


Sharo, who ranks third in " Is the Order a Rabbit? ", Will be the second successor to Uchida's charm, following Rokka, who is ranked first. Usually she has a serious personality but she is an honor student character, but when she gets involved with Rize and Chiya, she turns into a pretty cute character! Also, when you are attacked by a bad stray rabbit, it is so cute that you want to protect it.

And, after all, the pretty appearance of Mr. Uchida, who was shown in the PV of the first season of the anime OP “Daydream cafē”, was so cute that she felt so excited!


As you can see, the top three works are all popular popular works and characters. However, attractive characters full of Mr. Uchida's character are lined up in the fourth place and below.


4th place " Noragami " Hiyori Iki, the gap between classy characters and broken gag scenes was the most interesting, and 5th place " I will be a twin tail. " In the tour / masked twin tail , "I 'm so perverted I'm going to do acting with characters! "

6th place " YU-NO, a girl who sings in love at the end of this world " Kana Hatano is a character with so-called Ayanami Rei as an image source (although the contents are completely different, of course), and it is rare and quiet as a character of Uchida-san A mysterious beautiful girl.

In the middle stage, you can see that Uchida-san has a lineup of characters and has more drawers than expected, proving that he is an actor with the correct acting ability.


Interesting is No. 8 " MIX " Tachibana Otomi. It looks like a normal female high school student, so it's a very normal performance. It doesn't make the voices extremely, nor does it perform impressively. He really plays the voice of a "normal high school student." On the contrary, this "ordinaryness" gives rise to a strong personality. In the scene where Otomi talks, it is not only the author who listens with his ears closed.


Red beryl, a ninth place jewelry country, is a rare girl. Not a "daughter" but a "child". There is no gender because it is a jewel anyway! He was a lively, high-tension character who added a color to his work, with the appearance of gender filthyness but with cuteness oozing out.


If you start talking like this, the character that will not stop is Maaya Uchida. You can see how much impression each work has left. It's just how important she is in today's anime scene.


Even if I look at the characters below the 11th place, I feel like I can still talk, but for now it is up to here. You are encouraged to check all the voting results yourself.


Last but not least, Mae Uchida! Happy Birthday!

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