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The first Blu-ray BOX of the “Hoshikai Series”was released on December 25


To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the TV anime broadcast of the `` Hoshikai Emblem '', the first Blu-ray `` Hoshikai Complete Blu-ray BOX '', the first Blu-ray of the `` Hoshikai Series '' which remastered all the works with HD, today, December 2019 Released on the 25th. The price is 40,000 yen (excluding tax).

"Star Emblem" is a science fiction light novel written by Hiroyuki Morioka, and the anime was aired from January 2 to March 27, 1999.

The director is Mr. Yasushi Nagaoka who worked on character design such as `` DRAGON QUEST-Great Adventure of Die-'' `` With Love from Lupine the Third Russia '', the series composition and script is `` Azumanga Daio '' and `` Durarara !! '' Aya Yoshinaga, character design was performed by "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans" and Keisuke Watanabe, who worked on the original drawings for "Fate / stay night", and animation was produced by Sunrise.

The story is set in the universe of the far future. Humans have formed thousands of interstellar nations in the universe, and many races live. The tribe called "Ave", who obtained the body most suitable for outer space by genetic manipulation, built a powerful empire that controlled half of the universe "Harve's empire" ... Be expanded.


■ The first three-way talk is realized!

To commemorate the launch of the Blu-ray BOX, a three-way talk was realized for the first time by Hiroyuki Morioka, the original author, Yasushi Nagaoka, who directed the animation, and Koichiro Yonemura, the comic creator. It is a content of novels, animations, comics, and drooling fans who talk about "star world" from each viewpoint.

The following is a partial excerpt from the original text.

Morioka: As a novelist, manga and anime are the same, but if you have a picture, you can easily tell at a glance, "This is the world!" I think it is strong to be able to see it. It is quite difficult to write it in writing. It is hard to understand even if you write it very much, and if you write such a thing, the story will not progress.
The point I manga and anime I thought envy Do, That's right, the picture is all set to do and I think I do not draw as far as can be seen at a glance (laughs)
if novel, separately or say that I may not write the You can't draw until you set the parts that don't even come up with.

Yonemura: It's not just the detailed explanations and designs that show the spread of the world view, but what is this world like! There is an expression that impresses in the novel, and there is a consciousness that gives priority to drawing the scene accurately.

Nagaoka: The hurdles are not so high now that photography technology has developed, but 20 years ago, everything was hand-painted, so even for people and battleships, the mob scene stands as a terrible wall. When you place an order, you will be asked, "I draw, but what kind of clothes are you wearing?"
So what are the clothes of everyone in the spaceport? You have to make a setting called. What kind of race is there before dressing? And. I would like to have 30 passers-by in one frame in the first place, but how much effort would you put into that background cut? It is a world where it is necessary to judge that.

Yonemura: That's right. For me, this time, 7 volumes of comics are the anti-empire class bulle front, um, min, marka, daswani, building, funeral shop ... 5 people? Wonder. These five people come out somewhere on the screen and draw it because it's bad to just raise the rafil and gin in the continuing conversation.

Nagaoka: I understand. If you don't pay attention to the outside of the frame, it will be a "narrow picture". I think that there is a big difference in the impressions that customers receive depending on how much consciousness they decide on the “picture” in the invisible places.

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The full text can be viewed on the official website " Hoshikai web " and " V-STORAGE " which is a site of Bandanaam Arts .


[Product Information]
■ Hoshikai Complete Blu-ray BOX

・ Release date: December 25, 2019
・ Price: 40,000 yen (excluding tax)
・ Release ・ Distributor: Bandai Namco Arts
・ Part number: BCXA-1492

 Original: Hiroyuki Morioka
 Series composition ・ Screenplay: Aya Yoshinaga
· Visual concept: Takami Akai-Keiichi Eda (Nine live scan)
- Character design: Watanabe Keisuke
- mechanical design: Moriki YasushiYasushi-筱MiyabiTadashi-Tsuneki KokorozashiShin
- art Director: Okada YuAkira
- Director of photography: Hisao Shirai
- editing : Takeshi SEYAMA
- Music: Katsuhisa Hattori
- acoustic Director: Kobayashi KatsuRyo
and supervision: Yasushi Nagaoka other

<main cast>
- Jinto: Yuka Imai
- Rafiru: Ayako Kawasumi
, Ekuryua: Kaori Shimizu
- Sobashu: Mitsuki Saiga
- Samson: Akio Otsuka
, Doubutsu : Hirotaka Suzuki
, Plakia: Masaru Takashima and others

<Video Benefits>
 Release Special Number -Hoshikai
's Crest Special  Program-
Hoshikai's Battle Flag
Program Advertising Spot, Mini Guide
-PV / CM Collection

<Enclosed Bonus>
-Hoshikai Guidebook (68P)

Starry world visual book (52 pages) ・ Short story “Segment of the star world inheritance” (36 pages)
 * Newly drawn

<sound bonus>
・ Full story of the star world radio drama
・ “Emblem of the star world” (Episode 2) , "The Battle Flag of the Stars" (Episode 1), "The Battle Flag of the Stars II" (Episode 1), "The Battle Flag of the Stars III" (Episode 1)   -New
audio commentary 
Performer: Ayako Kawasumi ), Yasushi Nagaoka (Director), Hiroyuki Morioka (original)
- "crest of the stars special Edition", "Banner of the stars special Edition", "Banner of the stars II special Edition", "Senki III of the stars"
- audio commentary (2005)

- Takami Akai draw down storage BOX
-Watanabe Keisuke draw down inner jacket
※ benefits Specifications are subject to change without notice.

<Recorded works>
-"Star Empire Emblem" (13 episodes / 1999 broadcast)
-"Star Warfare Flag" (13 episodes / 2000 broadcast)
-"Star Warfare II" (10 episodes / 2001) Year broadcast)
-"Star Wars III" (2 episodes / released in 2005)
-"The Birth of Starry Birth" (1 episode / released in 2000)
-"Early Star Emblem Special Edition" (summary / released in 2000)
・ "Star Wars Flag Special Edition" (Summary / 2001 release)
・ "Star Wars Flag II Special Edition" (Summary / 2005 release)

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