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Production of episode 13 of TV anime "22/7" broadcast in January 2020 will be decided!


It has been announced that Episode 13 Extra episode will be produced from the new anime "22/7" in winter 2020, produced by Yasushi Akimoto. At the same time, pre-registration for the rhythm game application "22/7 Music Time" has started.

"22/7" (NanabunnoniJuni) is a digital voice actor idol project promoted by Sony Music and Aniplex in a team produced by Mr. Yasushi Akimoto. Characters designed by a number of top creators and members selected from a total of 10,325 applicants are engaged in activities in various fields such as music release & live holding, YouTuber planning, appearance on variety programs. Then, in January 2020, the long-awaited TV animation will be broadcast.
⇒TV anime "22/7" will be broadcast in January 2020! 4th single `` I can not do anything '', also released the first handwritten animation MV

The production of Episode 13 Extra episode was lifted at "22/7 Birthday Event 2019" held at Zepp DiverCity on Tuesday, December 24, 2019.

In Episode 13, the story of 11 characters including Mikami Kamiki (CV: Moe Ryohana), Yuki Tojo (CV: Rei Takatsuji), and Tsubomi Hiiragi (CV: Aina Takeda) will be drawn, and information on the three characters Has been released, so I will introduce it together. The next report will be announced at a later date, so please look forward to it.

In addition, pre-registration for the rhythm game application "22/7 Music Time" has started.
Delivery is scheduled for spring 2020.

"Gaming ban footage" has been released, so please watch the video to feel the new stage of "22/7".

Episode 13 Extra episode production decision PV

Anime information

[The production of Episode 13 Extra episode]
■ # 13 "8 + 3 =?" In
Episode 13, Mikami Kamiki (CV: Moe Ryohana), Yuki Tojo (CV: Rei Takatsuji), Tsubomi Hiiragi (CV: Aina Takeda) And the story of 11 people is drawn.

▼ Character profile

[Distribution information]

AbemaTV will be the fastest distribution on the web!
It will be distributed from other distribution sites from the following date and time.

AbemaTV: January 12 (Sun) 23:00-
d Anime Store: January 13 (Mon) 23:30-
d Anime Store for Prime Video: January 13 (Mon) 23:30-
GYAO !: January 14 (Tue) 23:30-
Bandai Channel: January 14 (Tue) 23:30-
Hulu: January 14 (Tue) 23:30-
J: COM Mega Pack January 14th (Tue) 23:30-
Video Pass Jan 14 (Tue) 23:30-
Nico Nico Channel: January 14 (Tue) 23:30-
Nico Nico Live Broadcast: January 14 (Tue) 23
1: 30- Amazon Prime Video: January 14 (Tuesday) 23:30-
Hikari TV: January 14 (Tuesday) 23:30-
Video Market: January 14 (Tuesday) 23:30 ~
DMM.com : January 14 (Tuesday) 23:30 ~
: January 14 (Tuesday) 23:30 ~ FOD: January 14 (Tuesday) 23:30 ~
U-NEXT : Tuesday, January 14 24:00-
Unlimited animation: Tuesday, January 14 24:00-

Game information

[Title information]
■ "22/7 Music Time"
Genre: Idol cultivation rhythm game
Compatible devices: iOS / Android
Price: Free basic play (item charge system)
Development and operation: Han Do Co., Ltd.

-Pre-registration start date and time: Tuesday, December 24, 2019
-Pre-registration method:
(1) Follow "22/7 Music Time" official Twitter
(2) Official LINE "Friends" Add
(3) Register your e-mail address on the official website
* Pre-registration is possible by any of the above methods.

10,000: Practice ticket (rainbow) x 30
30,000: Key of each attribute (silver) x 1000
50,000: Awakening crystal x 20, Nananji tapestry
100,000: Nananiji gem x 2500 (10 stations)
150,000: Boost drinks x 3 + Keys for each attribute (gold) x 100
200,000: Nanani gems x 2500 (10 stations) 227,000
😕 ? ? (Contents will be announced at a later date)

* The contents of "Key of each attribute (silver) x 1000" and "Key of each attribute (gold) x 100" are as follows.
"The key of each attribute (silver) × 1000": Heart of the key (silver) × 1000, diamond key (silver) × 1000, spade of key (silver) × 1000, the club of the key (silver) × 1000
"each attribute Key (gold) x 100 ": Heart key (gold) x 100, Diamond key (gold) x 100, Spade key (gold) x 100, Club key (gold) x 100

* Pre-registration method, contents and rewards are subject to change without notice. Please note.
* Please make sure to read the "Pre-Registration Rules" on the official website when pre-registering .

[Work Information] * Titles omitted

■ TV animation "22/7"
Broadcast starts from 23:00 on Saturday, January 11, 2020

TOKYO MX: 23:00 on Saturday, January 11-
Gunma TV: January 11 (Sat) 23:00-
Tochigi TV: January 11 (Sat) 23:00-
BS11: January 11 (Sat) 23:00-
ABC TV: January 11 (Sat) 26:10-
Me-Tele: January 11 (Sat) 26:44-
CS Japan: January 23 (Thu) 25:00-

AbemaTV advance distribution January 12 (Sun) From 23:00-
Also distributed sequentially on other distribution sites
* The broadcast date and time may be changed due to the circumstances of organization.
Please note.

Comprehensive producer: Yasushi Akimoto
Character design draft: Kantoku / Kishida Mel / QP: flapper (Ohara Tometa Sakura Koharu) / Kuboshi Kouhaku / Koyama Hirokazu (TYPE-MOON) / Tanaka Masaka / Hosoi Mieko / Horiguchi Yukiko / Kurito Fukasaki / Akio Watanabe
Character name draft: Reiji Miyajima
Character design: Yukiko Horiguchi
Director: Takao Abo
Series composition: Reiji Miyajima / Chiaki Nagai
Animation character design / General director: Majiro
Total director: Satomi Tamura / Akira Takada
Prop Design: Mayuko Yamamoto
Director: Satsuki Takahashi
Art Director: Hodaka Okamoto (KUSANAGI)
Art Setting: Eiko Tsunagami (KUSANAGI)
Color Setting: Naomi Nakano
Cinematographer: Yusaku Murakami
CG Director: Hiroyuki Yoshida (Shirogumi ) / Nao Kudo
Editor: Hitomi Sudo
Acoustic director: Akiko Fujita
Music: Makoto Nakayama
Production: A-1 Pictures
Production: ANIME 22/7

Miu Takigawa: Saijo
Watoma Sakura: Amagi Sally
Kono Miyako: Kuraoka Mizuho
Sato Reika: Hofu Chiharu
Toda Jun: Umino Ruri
Maruyama Akane: Shirasawa Kanae
Tachikawa Ayaka: Miyase Reina
Saito Nicole: Mei Hanakawa

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