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Four “Space Century Gundam” TV series will be released as special price Blu-rays from 2020 onwards!


From the "UC Gundam Blu-ray Libraries", which releases Gundam series universe century works, it has been decided that the TV series "Space Century Gundam" will be released sequentially after 2020.

The decision to release this time is `` Mobile Suit Gundam '' `` Mobile Suit Z Gundam I '' `` Mobile Suit Z Gundam II '' `` Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ I '' `` Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ II '' `` Mobile Suit V Gundam I '' `` Mobile Suit Warrior V Gundam II ".

[Product Overview] (Order of release date)
■ Mobile Suit Gundam

Release date: September 25, 2020 (Fri)
Price: 23,000 yen (excluding tax)
Official website: http://www.gundam.jp/tv
Part number: BCXA-1480
Specs: Color: 1107 minutes (Main part: 1063 minutes) + Video Bonus)
Included stories: 43 episodes (Production year: 1979-1980, 43 episodes)
Video privilege: "Mobile Suit Gundam Shining Life Chronicle UC", Booklet Digital Archive

<Overview of Work>
April 7, 1979- On January 26, 1980, it was aired on Nagoya TV's Asahi affiliate. A legendary work that opened up the genre of real robot animation and caused social phenomena such as causing a gunpla boom.

Universal Century 0079 ---. Side 3, the farthest cosmopolitan city from the earth, has claimed the Duchy of Zeon and has challenged the Federal Government of the Earth to a war of independence. About a month after the war began, the Duchy of Zeon and the Federal Army died half of the population, leaving the front stalemate. The inferior Federal army developed a prototype mobile suit Gundam to counter Mobile Suit Zaku, a mobile weapon of the Zeon Army. However, Zion's army detected it and attacked Side 7, where the final test was being conducted. In the chaos, the boy Amuro gets into Gundam.

■ Mobile Suit Z Gundam I ~ II

Release date: Thursday, November 26, 2020
Price: 20,000 yen each (tax not included)
Work official website: http://www.z-gundam.net/
Part number: BCXA-1481 (I), BCXA-1482 (II )
Common specifications: Color / 652 minutes scheduled (608 minutes of main story + video bonus), 25 episodes recorded (production year: 1985 to 1986, all 50 episodes)
Video privilege (I): "Mobile Suit Gundam Shining Life Chronicle UC" non-ticker OP & ED, the first episode prior notice, booklet digital archive
video award (II): "Mobile Suit Gundam shining life Chronicle UC", the late non ticker OP & ED, program propaganda film (15 seconds, 30 seconds), booklet digital archive

<work Overview >
From March 1985 to February 1986, Nagoya TV aired on TV Asahi and is one of the most popular masterpieces in the Gundam series.

Universal Century 0087- Char Aznable has changed his name to Quattro Vagina and has joined the anti-Earth Federation organization, Ego. In the infiltrating colony "Green Noah," he witnesses a black Gundam developed by Titans. Meanwhile, Camille escapes in the turmoil of a Gundam crash that occurred during interrogation by military police. Char strives to seize the Gundam Mk-II and infiltrates the colony again. In the middle of the battle, Camille gets into Gundam Mk-II and manages the maneuver well. Bright witnessed this and felt Amuro's return to Camille.

■ Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ I-II

Release date: Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Price: 20,000 yen each (excluding tax)
Official website: http://www.gundam-zz.net/
Part number: BCXA-1483 (I), BCXA-1484 (II )
spec (I): color / 633 minutes scheduled
spec (II): color / 608 min plan (main 564 minutes + Bonus Footage)
From the story number (I): 24 episodes / (production year: 1986 and 1987)
recording Number of episodes (II): 23 episodes recorded (production year: 1986-1987: 47 episodes)
Video privilege (I): "Mobile Suit Gundam Shining Life Chronicle UC", non-telop OP (2 types), non-telop ED , "GUNDAM FRAG." <Part 1>, Booklet Digital Archive
Video Bonus (II): "Mobile Suit Gundam Shining Life Chronicle UC", Late Non-telop OP, Late Non-telop ED, First episode notice (15 sec / 30 sec) , "GUNDAM FRAG." <Part>, booklet digital archive

<work Overview>
aired is in the March to January 1987 1986 Nagoya TV onset TV Asahi The story to take over the "Mobile Suit Z Gundam".

universe century 0088 ---. The 1988 century was the end of the Grips campaign. The hugo's main ship, Argama, was wounded in a fierce battle and descends on the side 1 colony, Shangri-La. There lived judos and other boys who make a living in junk shops. After hearing that Argama has called, Judo tries to steal the Z Gundam to earn a lot of money.

■ Mobile Suit V Gundam I-II

Release date: March 26, 2021 (Fri)
Price: 20,000 yen each (tax not included)
Work official HP: http://www.v-gundam.net
Part numbers: BCXA-1485 (I), BCXA-1485 (II)
spec (I): color / 671 minutes plan (main 627 minutes + Bonus Footage)
spec (II): color / 659 minutes scheduled
recording story number (I): 26 episodes / (production year: 1993 to 1994)
From story Number (II): 25 episodes recorded (production year: 1993-1994, all 51 episodes)
Video privilege (I): "Mobile Suit Gundam Shining Life Chronicle UC", non-telop OP & ED, booklet digital archive
video privilege (II): " Mobile Suit Gundam: Shining Life Chronicle UC ", Non-telop OP & ED, Memorable Scene Collection, Eye Catcher Actuality, 15-Second Version Trailer Collection, Bansenshu, Booklet Digital Archive

<Work Outline>
Unique Characters, Creepy Mechas, Terrible A topical work that shines in the series in the story.

Universe century 0153-. Humans, who have polluted the earth, colonized the universe and became fully accustomed to it. However, human beings have repeated the history of war in this universe as well as on earth-. In the 153th century, the Zanskar Empire, which controls almost all of Side 2, declared independence to the ruined, corrupt Earth Federation government after a long period of reign. Then, under the name of creating a new order in the universe, an armed invasion of the earth will begin. The illegitimate settlement of Eastern Europe, Point Casalelia, where Usso Evin and Shakti Karin live, was no exception. In a battle between Zanskar and the opposing resistance organization Riga Militia, Ussos are embroiled in battle as guided by fate. Being a Victory Gundam pilot who wanted to protect the people around him, Ussou had accumulated various experiences in the absurd reality of war.

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