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"Best annihilation anime popularity vote" result announcement!


There are various animes in the world, but the one that leaves a strong trauma to the viewers is “Zero anime” where all the characters leave the story!

The catharsis leading to annihilation and the feeling of emptiness after the end are a premium experience that can not be experienced in everyday life. ... isn't it? No, surely!

I'm not a little confident, but I finally enjoyed the annihilation.


So, let's deliver the result of "[Spoiler available!] Can you survive !? Best annihilation anime popularity vote" held from November 15 to November 29, 2019. Among the 1771 votes gathered, the top 10 titles are as follows.

1st   Other 259 votes

2nd  Basilisk-Koga Ninpocho- 225 votes

3rd  School Days 201 votes

4th placeFate / ZERO 183 votes

5th placeLegendary giant Ideon 144 votes

6th placeNeon Genesis Evangelion 136 votes

7th  Sailor Moon 119 votes

8th ANOTHER 109 votes

9th Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans 74 votes

10th Yuna Yuki is a hero-Sumi Washio's chapter- 67 votes

It is interesting to say that there are various types of annihilation. From the massive annihilation of the universe itself to the disappearance of the scale to the imminent annihilation of the hero and its neighbors dropping out, there are various patterns and patterns, so you can only understand the depth of Japanese anime culture.


Among them, the number one was “Other”! Moreover, in the abnormal situation where you do not know the title of "Other"! What kind of works are in the annihilated anime other than the title you entered? I'd love to hear from you, so please leave a comment in this article.


So, the second-placed title, which regained its attention and garnered the top spot, is "Basilisk-Koga Ninpocho-". As a means of selecting the successor to the third generation of Tokugawa, the all-out fighting between the representative players of both ninja groups of Koga Bankaya and Iga Tsuba Hidden People will be held. However, Koga Gumi's grandson, Kono Kinnosuke, and Iga Gumi's granddaughter, Oboro, were in love ... In this story, the biggest feature of this work is the battle following the battle between ninjas who make full use of ninja ninjutsu! And while the ninjas of both sides fall down one after another, the last surviving Gennosuke and Oboro also face the fate of both sides and face each other.

The beautiful and tragic ending of the slogan "Love, Death" is still a narrative.

It can be said that it is the best annihilation animation without complaints.


The third place is "School Days", the strongest annihilation romance anime ever recorded on Christmas Eve, which was broadcast all at once on Abema TV. The worst protagonist ever, Makoto, the world, and the double heroine of words, the love-hate drama of mush, shows an amazing development late. The world who frenzied for being abandoned killed him, and the words that found its body killed the world in a true impersonation. After that, the end of the event was not a tom demonstration that he would travel to the other side of the sea with Makoto's head, but at the time of the main broadcast, the final broadcast flew due to the murder case that occurred at the same time. The program itself has been "vanished".

As a result, TV Kanagawa broadcasts a travel program as a replacement program. It is a good reminder that the caption "Nice boat." Was posted on the image bulletin board on the Internet as a result of the captured image of the program where the ferry crossed the sea, and it became a buzzword.


The fourth place is "Fate / ZERO". It is a huge hit that no longer needs explanation, and is a large-scale annihilation anime. The hero, Kiritsugu Emiya, who longed for “Friends of Justice”, destroyed the Holy Grail, the ultimate aspirator, at the end of the game. As a result, one city is destroyed. By then, most of those who participated in the Holy Grail War have died or defeated and have left the front line, and every time, "Which character is gone?"


Fifth place is the monumental anime monument "Legendary Giant Ideon". The unfortunate encounter between the Earthlings and the Buff Clan people will endlessly fight for the "infinite power" of a giant robot, Ideon, left by the Sixth Civilization. At the end of the game, the infinite force desperate for a life-giving creature will destroy the entire universe and reach the end of the world's largest annihilation, in which not only all characters, but the world itself will be annihilated.

The TV series ended in the middle of the middle, but the movie version `` Activation Hen '' that draws a true complete episode, as if resolving the grudge, was a dense human drama and powerful The battle scenes were drawn, and the impressive images influenced many creators.


The 6th place "Neon Genesis Evangelion" is a work that was most influenced by the "Ideon", and this work also has a shocking last that all humanity will be reborn as one living body by the plan of complementing humanity.

Surprising is the 7th place "Sailor Moon". In fact, at the end of the first phase, sailor warriors died one after another and finally died until the sailor moon. However, the world was reset before the history finally returned to become a sailor warrior, and the happy ending came with an ultra-C solution that would resurrect everyone.

The eighth place "ANOTHER" was also a shocking work. It was a work that continued to experiment on how to kill the character and make the viewer surprised. The last one was watching while admiring, "Don't think about how to kill."

The 9th place "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans" was a unique work whose story ends with the first (?) Protagonist of Gundam being completely defeated. It was a controversy at the time of the broadcast, but in retrospect, the hero side has lost, but their actions have changed the world a bit, and what they did is not wasted. I guess it was a very deep drama about how people should live and die.

And the 10th place is “Yuki Yuki is a brave-Sumi Washio chapter”. This work, the day before "Yuna Yuki is a brave man," depicts how Togo Mimori and Sonoko Nogi were active during the active brave era, and the story is depicted. Although the audience knows that "Yuna Yuki is a brave man", the endgame was still tough. After watching this work, it is recommended that you also watch "Yuki Yuki is a brave" and "Yuki Yuki is a brave-Chapter of the brave-".


There are various types of annihilation animations in the 11th place and below, so if you are interested, please look at the voting results.

This year-end and New Year holidays may be a long break. Why don't you enter the kotatsu and eat oranges and enjoy the annihilation animation leisurely? In that case, I hope that you can refer to the results of this poll.

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