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Nintendo Switch `` Just Dance 2020 ''


It has been decided that the subscription service "Just Dance Unlimited" of Nintendo Switch software "Just Dance 2020" (Ubisoft) will be free for a limited period of one month.

"Just Dance 2020" is a dance game released on March 12, where you can easily enjoy dancing just by moving your body while holding the Joy-Con of Switch. Approximately 40 popular songs that hit worldwide, including "Into the Unknown-Heart of the Heart" in the movie "Ana and the Snow Queen 2", "God Is A Woman" by Ariana Grande, and "FANCY" by TWICE Is recorded and can be played along with the music.




"Just Dance Unlimited" is a subscription service that allows you to enjoy more than 500 hit songs for "Just Dance 2020". He wanted to give users more physical activity in the house, and has decided to give it a one-month free delivery.


Originally, if you purchase Just Dance 2020, you can automatically use Just Dance Unlimited for one month for free, so if you already have a free trial, The "free period" is applied first. In this case, after the end of this one month free period, the remaining free trial period will be applied. Please refer to the official website or in-game

for the usage fee and usage of "Just Dance Unlimited" .

For those who haven't purchased Just Dance 2020, a new playlist “Dance Workout at home” that is perfect for exercising at home has been released on the YouTube page of Just Dance . . You can see the actual game screen, so those who are considering purchasing are must see.


[Game Overview]
■ Just Dance 2020
Release date: March 12, 2020 Release
platform: Nintendo Switch
Price: 5,800 yen (excluding tax) * The digital version is also the same
number of players: 1-6 (online play 1-6)
Genre : Dance


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