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"Utopia Gate"


From March 31, 2020, the official service of the new smartphone MMORPG "Utopia Gate-Twin Goddess and Tsubasa for the Future" has started. This time, as the number of pre-registrations has exceeded 150,000, it has been decided that all new users will also receive "10 consecutive gacha tickets" and other luxury item benefits.

This is a cute fantasy MMORPG game in which an adventurer relied on a bad goddess saves the world. You can enjoy different worlds with the auto function that can be easily operated with one finger, and enjoy with friends with rich social functions, and you can also marry and raise children. Packed with elements such as style change and training system. As he progresses through the story, he and his friends grow together.

Currently, the following service commemorative events are being held, so please check it out and play.

● Start Dash 7 Days Login Bonus: Get limited outfits, pets, and beasts!
● Character collection: 7 days after opening the new server, collect 5 characters of “Open gift” and exchange them for a box with orange equipment confirmed!
● Love support event: A limited title will be given if you list three types of weddings in 7 days after the new server is established!
● Launch commemorative ranking: 7 days after the new server is launched, themes will be available daily with high-ranked equipment!

* Please check the in-game event description for more information.


Game introduction

Just enjoy watching /

◇ Fantastic and cute world
Control a cute character, explore colorful 3D fields freely, and enjoy a fantasy magical world.

 Brilliant skill production
Saber, Gunner, Wizard, 3 types of occupations can be selected.
Let's blow off enemies with flashy skills with exhilarating effect effects!

◇ A wide variety of costumes

Not only clothes and weapons, but also wings, backdrops and footprints can be changed!
Change the character's outfit freely and transform into your ideal style!

\Destiny is here! /

◇ Enhanced social functions You
can chat at any time on channels such as teams and guilds even during intense battles.
Exciting cooperation play while chatting!

◇ Complete dating system
Recruit friends on the in-game bulletin board
・ Challenge quests together, get close
・ confess, become a lover
・ Raise a wedding ceremony, make a vow
・ Deepen your bond and improve your strength!

 Full of enthusiasm elements beyond imagination /

◇ Rich training system

Pets, spirits, fairies, beasts, etc.
Let's strengthen with a variety of training styles.

◇ Various ways of playing and mini games

In addition to challenging interpersonal, guild, and demon quests, mini games such as nervous breakdown, diagonal picking, and catching fish are also available.
Enjoy the game with your own play style.

 Enjoy the different world easily! /


No need to worry about inexperienced auto function RPG beginners ! Level up is super easy!
When you are busy or sleeping, you can be strong at all times.


[Pre-registration achievement reward]

As pre-registration rewards, gorgeous rewards such as "Equipment 10 free gacha tickets" and "Forest of Fairy" will be distributed.
After logging in to the game, you can receive rewards from your mailbox. Do not miss!


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