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"Pita! Deformed Devil's Blade Acrylic Keychain vol.3"!


In the hobby mail order "AmiAmi", the pre-sale of the resale of "Pita! Deformed Onitsuka no Blade Acrylic Keychain vol.3 10-box" sold by Takara Tomy Arts has started accepting reservations from April 9, 2020. . Scheduled to be released in August 2020, the price is 6,600 yen (tax included) per box (10 pieces).

"Devil's Blade" is a manga serialized by Yoyoharu Gotoge in Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) since 2016. The sad story between humans and demons, the sword-throbbing swordsmen, and occasionally comically drawn characters have become popular, and the total number of comics published has exceeded 40 million.

The “Pita! Deformed Devil's Blade Acrylic Keychain vol.3 10-Box (Resale)” for which reservations have begun this time is the original deformed series “Pita! Deformed” that sticks to glass. Vol.3. Pillar characters are lined up. In addition, "AmiAmi-limited BOX purchase privilege" comes with "Sumijiro / Nezuko Acrylic Keychain".



[Product Summary]
■ Pita! Deformed Devil's Blade Acrylic Keychain vol.3 Box of 10 (Resale)
Price: 1 Box of 10 6,600 yen (tax included)
Size: Approximately 6cm
Release Date: Scheduled for August 2020
Brand Name: TAKARA TOMY Arts
Lineup :
Yoshitomi Tomioka / Shinobu Butterfly / Anjuro Purgoku / Tengen Umesu / Mitsuri Kanrouji / Tomotsu Muichiro / Screaming Island Hajime / Iguro Kobanauchi / Immortal River Shinya / Sumijiro & Yoshitsu & Inousuke AmiAmi
Limited Privilege: Acrylic key chain for Jiro Sumi and Nezuko Nemu


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