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"Lustful Ao-chan can't study"


"Nasty Blue-chan Can't Study" is a popular title that was animated in the spring of 2019 under the title "Slutty Blue-chan Can't Study". Keisuke Inoue supervised the animation, Michiko Yokote the series composition, Miwa Oshima character design, and SILVER LINK.

A slapstick love comedy created by a muscular horny high school girl and a handsome male high school student from Leah Manchu.
A high school girl, Aoi Horie, who is studying hard to pass a difficult university, is confessed to a class handsome boy, Takumi Kijima. “Youth? Gender Dating? Do You Know That !?” However, Kijima's approach makes studying difficult. A naughty delusion of a father of a sensual novelist called pleasure teacher begins to run away.

This time, the serialization of "Naughty Ao-chan Can't Study" started  on April 10, 2020 in the manga app "Comic DAYS" by Young Magazine, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Kiss and BE LOVE. So please check it out.



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