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The picture drawn by Dr. Soichiro Yamamoto is collected and distributed free on Kindle


Mr. Takaichiro Yamamoto of `` Mr. Takagi who is good at teasing '' and `` In the chest of Kunoichi camellia '' `` Still approaching '' gathered illustrations drawn with a theme box and distributed free on Kindle Started.

■ What is the TV animation "Mr. Takagi, who is a good
teacher ?" The director is Hiroaki Akagi, the deputy director is Shinya Une, the script is Shuichi Kato, Aki Itami, Yuko Fukuda, the character design is Aya Takano, the total drawing director is Tajiki Mogi, Natsuko Kondo, Suwa Magnificent, Aya Takano, animation production is in charge of Shinei Animation.

"Mr. Takagi who is a good teacher" draws the exchange between classmate Nishikata and Takagi in junior high school. Takagi-san is making fun of Nishikata-kun, and Nishikata-kun tries to revenge Takagi-san, but Takagi-san is a love comedy that is completely successful.

Takagi's auditors Rie Takahashi -san, Nishikata kun auditors Yuki Kaji, Ms. Yoshimi Ohara Mina role, the Yukari role M · A · O 's, the Sanae role Yui Ogura, Nakai role Uchida Stallion 's, Mano role the Koiwai bird 's, the Takao officers Nobuhiko Okamoto, Mr. Fuku嗣Ochiai Kimura role, Tadokoro HiMuko's the teacher role Tadokoro, the Hojo role Aoi Yūki 's, Hamaguchi role the Kouki Uchiyama 's plays.

"Mr. Takagi who is a good teacher" is on sale until Volume 13.

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