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Dengeki Bunko, a new light novel published in May 2020, is accepting reservations.

The latest editions of " Sword Art Online " and " 86-Eight Six " will be published.

Amazon.co.jp “Sword Art Online 24 United Ring III | Reki Kawahara, abec”
Amazon.co.jp “86-Eight Six-Ep.8-Gunsmoke on the Water-| Asato Asato , Shirabi, I-IV "

Amazon.co.jp “Paradise Noise | Hikaru Sugii, Spring, Summer and Winter”
Amazon.co.jp “S-Class Pretty Girl Who Dislikes Me Hard is My Follower in the Game World | Akira Aihara, Chisato Kobayashi”
Amazon. co.jp "The Book of Anfinist: The Tale of Happiness in the Tragedy Story | Fukaya Asahaku, Kou Kusaka"
Amazon.co.jp "The Request for Weather" is Absolute | Sagimiya Misaki, Inco Horiizumi
Amazon .co.jp "rule them magic, ~ I will Muso with no sword flow of loss characteristics that can not handle the king and the Almighty girl - magic of destruction | chōzubachi Naoki, there Mick"
to Amazon.co.jp "vampire There is no heaven (3) | Ren Saito, Niritsu "
Amazon.co.jp" The distance of the triangle is unlimited 5 | Misaki Sagimiya, Hiten "
Amazon.co.jp" Pocket and Ess ! (2) | Aoyama Sag, Tinkuru ”
Amazon.co.jp“ Riberio Makina 4 ― 《Sandy Sandals》 Eternality of Hydrangea― | Misaki Nagi, Reia

Dengeki Bunko Official Website “New Information”


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