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"LISTENERS" 3 episodes.


The outline and scenes of the TV animation "LISTENERS Listeners" TRACK03 "You Made Me Realize" broadcast on April 17th, "Animationism" were released.

It was Biling, a criminal prayer named "Red Crimson," who saved the eco-friendly children who were in trouble due to the mental assault of the three sisters Ein, Stür, and Tsende. Eco II wakes up at "Tremolo Giken", where she serves as Deputy Director. Mew, on the other hand, realizes that he may be a dangerous entity that inherits Jimi's factors, and begins to feel hesitant to continue traveling with Eco II.

■ The TV animation "LISTENERS Listeners" is
directed by Hiroaki Ando, ​​the draft of the story is Jin, Dai Sato, Tachi Hashimoto, the series composition is Dai Sato, the character design is pomodorosa, the animation character design is Shinpei Kamata , Sub character design and total drawing directors are Hatsue Koizumi and Shuji Takahara, mechanic design is Hiroyuki Terao, music production is Jin, and animation production is MAPPA.

In the pile of debris, I met a girl with a jack hole on her waist ヲ!? A boy, Eco who picks up scraps, and a girl with an input jack on her waist, Mew, who lost memory. They meet and set out on a journey to remember. Chase the two unforgettable journeys while interweaving legends that remain in rock history.

Ekowo Lek auditors Ayumu Murase, Miu auditors Rie Takahashi -san, a nil role Rie Kugimiya, the Roz role Kana Hanazawa, the Prince Officer Junichi Suwabe, Ritchie role Uemura YuSho 's, the ride officer Yashiro Taku , Janice as Rena Ueda , Robert as Manga Ginga , Hall as Hiro Shimono , Atsuko Tanaka as Kim , Yoko Honna as Wendy, Yuka as Lisa, and Chiba as Leo Marshall Shigeru, Sayaka Ohara as Ain Neubauten , Yoko Hikasa as Stuhl Neubauten, Tomoyo Kurosawa as Tsend Neubauten , Rina Sato as Swell Lek , Cho as McGuy and Cho as Sally Simpson Yoshi Shimabukuro Yuri's, Tommy Walker Auditor Yuichi Nakamura, the ace Marshal officers Yoshitada Otsuka, the villin Valentine officers Nana Mizuki Kevin Valentine AuditorsJunichi Fukuyama plays Koichi Yamadera and Jimi Stonefree .


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