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“Food Sorcerer's Soma Gono Dish”


Jun Fukuyama played the role of Suzuki-sensei and Ryota Osaka played the role of Ken-dake Kabuki in the TV animation "Shogoku no Soma Go no Dish," which began broadcasting on April 10 at TOKYO MX .


■ What is the TV animation "Shogeki no Soma Gonoshira"?
Director: Yoshitomo Yoneta , series composition: Yaskawa Shogo, character design: Tomoyuki Shimotani, animation production: JCSTAFF.

Souma Kozuma, who had refined her cooking skills at her parents' set-up restaurant, "Yukihira," entered the super elite cooking school "Togetsu Saryo Culinary Academy" at the recommendation of her father. He continued to grow up as a cook, repeating food competition with his rivals and studying with his friends. As time passed, Soma, who had advanced to the second grade, had finally climbed to the top of the school, to the first seat of the Council of the Toshizuki Jie-. Meanwhile, an invitation for the world-class cooking contest "THE BLUE" arrives at Togetsu Gakuen. "THE BLUE" is an orthodox gastronomy competition where young cooks compete for fame-but this time, the taste is different from the conventional one, and all the eccentric themes!? A new rival appears, a turbulence The future of "THE BLUE" where the feeling of drifting is .........!?

The Kohei Submit role Yoshitsugu Matsuoka -san, the Nagisetsu Eri a role Hisako Kanemoto -san, the Tadokoro Megumiyaku Takahashi Minami -san, the TsukasaAkirashi officer Akira Ishida, Kobayashi gentian role Shizu Ito, Takumi Al Dini role the Natsuki Hanae -san, the color Toshiyaku Takahiro Sakurai, the Kuga TeruOsamu role Yuki Kaji, the winter輔役Megijima Kusunoki tome 's, Saito綜明Auditor Katsuyuki Konishi, the Akaneke Momo Kubo Officer Rie Kugimiya Kana Hanazawa plays Nene Kinokuni and Tomokazu Sugita plays Etsuya Eiyama., Hayami Susumu plays the role of Nagiri Ji and Rikiya Koyama plays the role of Ichiro Koheijo .


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