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One episode of "Hakushoku Daimaou 2020"


The synopsis and scenes of the first episode of "Hakushoku Daimaou 2020," the first episode of "Hakushin Daimaou 2020," which is broadcast on Yomiuri Television and Nippon Television from April 11, has been released.

Akbi comes from the magic world to the human world as training to succeed the throne. I meet Kantaro, the grandson of Yoichiyama Kanichi who once became the master of Hakushon Daimaou, but Kantaro, who can study and exercise moderately, has no wishes, future dreams, or even places to go. . In addition, in the 50 years since, the human world has changed ...

■ TV animation "Hakushon Daimaou 2020" is
directed by Atsushi Narukawa, the series composition is Hiroko Kanasugi, the original character design is Suzuka Yoshida, the character design is Shin Takemoto and Masanori Noguchi, and the animation production is Tatsunoko Pro / Japan Animation .

Hakushin Daimaou and Akbi are back over 50 years! The purpose is that Akbi will be a queen, so he will train under that Kang's grandson! ? Akbi struggles to find Kang's dream of elementary school students today! However, the mischievous Akbi's younger brother, Peta, has appeared and the human world is in a big panic! Can you really find a dream?

The Genie Family auditors Koichi Yamadera, the Puuta role of the younger brother of the yawning role Sumire Moroboshi yawning Daiki Yamashita, Mr. Yuri Yoshi Shimabukuro the Yodayama cans Taro officers, Yodayama Takashi (Kan-chan dad) role the Toru Muramoto Taro, Noriko Yodayama Yokoyama (Kan-chan mom), Toshio Furukawa as Kanichi Yodayama, Toshio Furukawa as Mario Kenya, Haruka Tomatsu as Mario Kazumi, Tomokazu Seki as Yumizuka Kanari , and Uncle Solekara Cho plays.


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