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The second voice drama “Keith” released inside the “Hamefura” character


The second voice drama "Keith", which depicts the inside of characters who are closely involved with Katarina of the TV anime "I have been reincarnated as a villain daughter who has only the ruin flag of the maiden game ..." has been released.

In his previous home, Catalina, who was warmly treated to Keith, who had been oppressed by his family, had never met him before. It was Keith who opened his heart to such Katarina… What did Keith think when he met Catalina and touched the warmth of people?

■ What is the TV anime "I have been reincarnated as a villain daughter who has only the ruin flag of the maiden game ..." The
original is written by: Satoru Yamaguchi / Illustration: The same novel by Dr. Kanami Hida. Director: Keisuke Inoue, character design: Miwa Oshima, series composition: Megumi Shimizu, animation production: SILVER LINK.

The Duke's daughter, Katharina Klaes, regains her memory from the past with her head hitting a stone. This is the world of the maiden game "FORTUNE LOVER" that was enamored with the previous life, and that you are a villain daughter who disturbs the heroine of the game! The ending that Catalina prepares in the game is, at best, a deportation ... At the worst, it gets killed ... Avoid such a ruin flag by any means and grab a happy future! ! Misunderstanding? The act of human love comedy rises.

Masaru Uchida as Katarina Klaes, Shota Aoi as Girold Stiart, Tetsuya Kakihara as Keith Klaes, Tatsuo Suzuki as Alan Stiart, Yoshijo Matsuoka as Nicol Askart , the childhood of Keith Claes Asami Seto -san, the childhood of Keith Claes heaven Amemiya -san, childhood of Alan Institut Art Mutsumi Tamura 's, childhood of Nicole Asukaruto M · a · O 's, Mary -Miho Okasaki plays the hunt, Inori Minase plays the role of Sophia Askart , Saori Hayami plays the role of Maria Campbell , Toshiki Masuda plays the role of Sirius Deek, and Azumi Waki plays the role of Ann Sherry.

The original novel is on sale until Volume 8.


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